SkateBird Parents Guide | SkateBird Age Rating | 2021 Game
SkateBird Parents Guide | SkateBird Age Rating | 2021 Game

SkateBird Parents Guide | SkateBird Age Rating

Skatebird is a skateboarding video game developed by American studio Glass Bottom Games. It is something that will stay in the heart of the players even after many years, skatebird is a beautiful skateboarding game, and it plays very familiar to THPS, But there are lots of uniqueness of this game that separate them both.

SkateBird Poster and Details

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SkateBird Parents Guide | SkateBird Age Rating | 2021 Game
SkateBird Parents Guide | SkateBird Age Rating | 2021 Game

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Original title SkateBIRd
Genres Indie, Racing video games, And Sports simulation
Developers Glass Bottom Games
Publishers Glass Bottom Games
Platforms Nintendo Switch, playstation4, Xbox series S, Xbox One, Linux, Amazon Luna, Macintosh operating system, and Classic Mac OS…
Released on 16 Sept 2021

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SkateBird Age Rating

SkateBird rated T (Teen) for lyrics on ESRB, Entertainment Software Rating Board, ESRB T rated means content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, or infrequent use of strong language.

SkateBird Gameplay

This game Filled with lots of bendy straws and stapler kickflips, this game has introduced Crave killer lines through cardboard and many sticky tape parks in the “SkateBoard” …

You are just like a small bird in this game, and your Big friend has already hanged their skateboard for some good reason; they suck in their jobs eventually, and lately, they barely here to play along with you, They are just the problem creators, and you have to fix that all on your own as a Skateboarding bird, At first, you are tiny in size, but as much you skate, you make more and more friends after that, Then after many birds come to help you and check out your park, and together you will fix your Big friend’s life too! Skate birds try their best to give us a beautiful experience…

SkateBird Parents Guide

  • This is a skateboarding game in this game players assume the role of birds that compete in trick challenges and collection tasks.
  • All the players skate in a mini skate-park and attract other birds and help a friend rediscover the love of skating.
  • In this game, song lyrics contain some references to drugs (e.g., “Passed out, all my drugs”; “Your kids are smoking weed out in the streets”; “I was happy getting high in the basement”; “Driving the road mostly stoned”).

SkateBird System requirements :

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system, OS-Windows 7…
Processor -Intel 3rd generation core
Memory -2GB Ram
Graphics -Intel HD4000
Direct X -Version 10
Storage -3GB available space, Having an Integrated Sound card

SkateBird Official Trailer

YouTube video player

SkateBird game Review 

It is a game that is not showing tiny, but it features tiny hawks, Heaving 3 stars out of 5.

This game is a wakeboarding game that has a royal genre, If you are looking for an arcade thing, then this game is for you, and this is relatively more realistic, It is an entirely bombastic game, and it mostly depends on how you look at the game.

It features tiny Hawks, a pro-Skater all along, while skate 4 and 3 are more real…All premise of this game is written just like its name, You can flip and chirp across all the mundane areas, What kind of bird they are thinking to be, it can be done by character customization, Or what kind of goof they want to wear.

The game doesn’t waste the time of the players; after a few Introductory stuff, players are thrown right in the game, This saga is all about finding birds friend Miserability reason.

This game’s story is one pun on another and all having Vq anti subtle and catalyst background with the genuine sentiment of its gameplay…The owner of the bird is very much doing a creep job.

SkateBird has lots of goofy jokes that are the main focus of this game’s story… All in all, this game is a grace of some birds on the SkateBird. 

With having good reviews, this game is the charm and stays on the top gaming list of gamers and lovers of SkateBird gaming.

Already Running successfully in different PlayStations, this game is a superb creation by the “GLASS BOTTOM GAMES.”

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