Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date All Latest Updates
Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date All Latest Updates
Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date All Latest Updates
Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date All Latest Updates

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 is happening or not??

Hunter x Hunter is one of the prime animation series that was released in the 90’s era. It is not just like any other anime, but it is based on Manga series.

The Manga series was first revealed as an adaptation of animation in the year,1999 and in 2011, madhouse is released the next part of the hunter x hunter anime series, season 2, and it ended in 2014.

It runs for an extended period of six years. In April 2016, its English version was released in Toonami. After the sixth season, fans started demanding the seventh installment. 

Let’s find out if there are any chances of Hunter x Hunter Season 7 to come or not :

Unfortunately, there are very few chances for season 7 to come this soon; Madhouse is already very busy with its other projects. And no announcement is yet made, for its coming as such “Hunter x Hunter season 7” Is not happening for now. 

It will take more time, as the creator Yoshihiro Togashi could produce more manga for this series. And Mangaka is now suffering from several mental health problems, which have affected his work. 

Manganaka’s popularity but that person, under much pressure, But in an interview, Togashi has expressed his big wish to finish Hunter X Hunter as a complete story. 

Hunter X Hunter has currently had 36 volumes, with the last one released in the year 2018. Four of these 36 volumes were kept private and secure as the primary source material if season 7 ever happened. 

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date

There is no such confirmation of its release date: With no official announcement of the confirmation regarding the renewal of season seven of “Hunter X Hunter.” There is so much work is left to be done, In the filming, production, casting, etc., of the movie, and even this time, the mental condition of the creator is also not very good. 

Fans should wait more because the Animation series takes more time to occur eventually. That’s all for now. If Any official announcement or Buzz is made then, We will let you know and update the latest information.

Don’t worry! Just stay connected with us. 


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