Sir Phillip Crane wallpaper and images
Sir Phillip Crane wallpaper and images

Sir Phillip Crane- Philip Crane is Sir George Crane’s brother who goes to England to inform Marina Thompson of his brother’s death and to offer his hand in marriage in replace of his brother.

Sir Phillip Crane Character in Bridgerton was played by Chris Fulton. Chris Fulton is an actor, known for Outlaw King (2018), The Witcher (2019), and Bridgerton (2020).

Sir Phillip Crane

After knowing that his brother, George had done Marina Thompson pregnant and then left for a battle where he died, Philip came to the Featherington house, where he knew he could find Marina, and told her about his brother’s death.

He then offered a married proposal to Marina and her child for the rest of their lives. Marina rejected the proposal, believing she did manage to induce abortion, and not wanting him to feel obligated.

But when she later learned she was still pregnant, she accepted Philip’s proposal.

Sir Philip Crane played by Chris Fulton is the love interest of Eloise Bridgerton. In the 5 book of the series, Eloise develops a friendship with Sir Philip after sending him a letter of condolence following Marina’s death. One year after Marina’s death and without ever meeting Eloise, he proposes to her.

Philip and Marina are the parents of twins, Oliver and Amanda. It is possible that in the Netflix series Marina’s pregnancy will result in Oliver and Amanda’s birth, in which case Philip will be the legal father of his brother George’s biological children.

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