Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)
Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)

Servant Parents Guide and Age Rating

TV- Series Servant is an American psychological horror television series created and written by Tony Basgallop executive-produced by M. Night Shyamalan. The series follows Dorothy and Sean Turner, a Philadelphia couple who hire a girl named Leanne to be the nanny for their baby son, Jericho. Leanne’s arrival brings about strange and frightening occurrences for the couple.

Servant Season 3 Release date

The third season of  Servant is scheduled was premier on January 21, 2022.

Servant Age Rating

Servant is rated TV-MA for violence, blood content, and language.

TV-MA Rated means Mature Adults Only. Program-rated TV-MA is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children. Children Under 17 Require an Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian.

Official Poster and Details

Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)
Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)
Series Name Servant
GenrePsychological, horror, Thriller, Drama
Age RatingTV-MA
Created byTony Basgallop
Official website

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Servant Parents Guide

  • Mild sexual content and nudity.
  • Violence and blood content.
  • Sean cuts his hand and the wound is seen.
  • It’s very deep and it’s been seen multiple times.
  • There is strong language throughout the series, with the words ‘f**k’ and ‘s**t’ used multiple times.
  • Occasional use of alcohol and smoking.
  • There are some disturbing and creepy scenes that may not be suitable for some people.
  • The baby doll is extremely creepy-looking.


A wealthy Philadelphia couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner experience a fracture in their marriage after the death of their thirteen-week-old son, Jericho. The couple undergoes transitory object therapy using a lifelike reborn doll after Dorothy experiences a full psychotic break.

The doll, which Dorothy believes is her real child, was the only thing that brought her out of a catatonic state following Jericho’s death. Six weeks after his death, they hire a young nanny, Leanne, to move in and take care of Jericho, the reborn doll, opening their home to a “mysterious force”. While Sean deals with the grief on his own, he becomes deeply suspicious of Leanne.

Servant  Wallpaper and Images

Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age RATING (TV-Series 2019-)
Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)
Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)
Servant Parents Guide | Servant Age Rating (TV-Series 2019-)

Servant Official Trailer

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Servant Cast

  • Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner, a local television news reporter, recently bereaved but mentally ill mother, and wife to Sean
  • Toby Kebbell as Sean Turner, a stay-at-home consulting chef, recently bereaved father and husband to a mentally unwell Dorothy
  • Nell Tiger Free as Leanne Grayson, a mysterious young nanny from Wisconsin hired by the Turners to look after “Jericho.”
  • Rupert Grint as Julian Pearce, Dorothy’s younger brother, and Sean’s brother-in-law.
  • Julius Belford as Baby Jericho
  • Phillip James Brannon as Matthew Roscoe, Julian’s private detective friend
  • Tony Revolori as Tobe, Sean’s commis chef
  • S.J. Son as Wanda, a babysitter that Leanne befriends
  • Molly Griggs as Isabelle Carrick, an up-and-coming reporter at 8News where Dorothy works
  • Boris McGiver as Uncle George, Leanne’s uncle
  • Jerrika Hinton as Natalie Gorman, Dorothy’s friend, and therapist
  • Todd Waring as Frank Pearce, the father of Dorothy and Julian, and maternal grandfather of “Jericho” who, besides his son and son-in-law, knows that his real infant grandchild had died months ago because of the carelessness of his daughter.
  • M. Night Shyamalan as a delivery guy 
  • Alison Elliott as Aunt May Markham, Leanne’s “aunt” and leader of the Church of Lesser Saints cult 
  • Katie Lee Hill as Kourtney, Frank’s much younger girlfriend 
  • Barbara Sukowa as Aunt Josephine

Servant Parents Guide and Servant Age Rating

Know About Servant Parents Guide. Why did Servant receive this age rating? Read the complete information here about Servant age rating in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

In fact, the age rating, is fixed by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system), BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

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What is the age rating of the Servant?

Servant is rated TV-MA.

Is Servant appropriate for kids below 10?

No, Servant is not appropriate for kids below 10 as it is rated TV-MA.

Is Servant appropriate for kids above 17?

Yes, Servant is appropriate for kids above 17.

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