Rumor Roundup: Rumors are news that has not been verified by the authority. Rumors can be true but not every time. They can be false sometimes.

Rumors are created by non-authorized people and the information provided is not that accurate. In this article below, we have given the latest rumors related to WWE.

Everything About April 5, 2022, Rumor Roundup

  • There is a lot of news about Roman Reigns being injured during WrestleMania 38. To make this news look authentic, there are some photos of injured Roman Reigns that are circulated.
  • According to the news, Cody Rhodes was not scripted.
  • Rhea Ripley and Tommaso getting pitched as new members of the new edge stable.
  • TJ Wilson can be back in WWE as a producer.
  • Gabl Styeveson went back to Minnesota after attending Wrestlemania on Sunday. {Source:}

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