Eloise Bridgerton Actress

Eloise Bridgerton Actress- Eloise’s character in the Bridgerton series is played by Claudia Jessie. Claudia Jessie is an English actress who was born in Moseley and grew up on a canal boat.

She is quite famous for her role in WPC 56, Vanity Fair, the fourth series of Line of Duty, and Bridgerton TV Series. Talking about her personal life, she has a boyfriend named Joseph who is a vegan and also meditates for at least one hour a day.

Eloise Bridgerton Actress

Bridgerton star Claudia James has been acting professionally since 2012. We have a feeling that Claudia’s star is only going to continue in Bridgerton.

Claudia Jessie is currently 32 years old. As mentioned earlier, she was born in the year 1990. She also lived in London in her childhood. She has a brother, During her childhood, she has faced a lot of things as she was not that strong financially.

She is raised by her mother alone. Her mother worked as a house cleaner in order to manage the expenses.

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