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Oggy Oggy

Oggy Oggy is rated TV-Y.

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Oggy Oggy Parents Guide | Oggy Oggy Age Rating

Oggy Oggy is an upcoming French comedy animated television series created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud.

The production company is Xilam Animation.

Series Oggy Oggy is Rated TV-Y for the thematic elements portrayed in programs that are specifically designed for a very young audience.

TV-Y – The material shown is designed to be appropriate for children of all ages.

Oggy Oggy Parents Guide

Why Oggy Oggy is rated TV-Y ?

All episodes contain cartoon violence.
Hand to hand fights, cockroaches are often beaten with weapons.
Romance is featured in this show with some hugging, kissing, and holding hands.
Oggy’s head is cut in one episode, Several Explosions.
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Oggy Oggy Release date

The Series Oggy Oggy is scheduled to be released on 24 August 2021.

Official Poster and Details

Oggy Oggy

Oggy Oggy Parents Guide
Oggy Oggy Parents Guide

Series Name Oggy Oggy
Genre Animation, Action, Comedy, Family
Age Rating TV-Y
Season 01
Episode 01
Release date 24 August 2021
Official Website Netflix

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