New Born Tips for First Time Moms

A woman went through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and is now ready to go home and begin life with her baby as a mom.

With a child, a mother is also born who understands nothing, but that baby care is critical. So, if you are a new mom and are panicking about how to take care of your newborn, we may help you with some baby care tips which will make your life easy.

Your baby’s arrival marks special joy in your life and opens up a whole new world for you. But at times taking care of a newborn can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first-time moms.

Essential and Crucial Baby Care Tips for Every New Mom

Here, are some New Born Tips for First Time Moms-

Ensure self-hygiene

Always make sure you always wash your hands and sanitize them before holding or touching the baby and wear fresh clean clothes before you pick up your baby to avoid infection and other allergies.

Check the diapers

Check your baby’s diapers often. Check them every four hours. A healthy newborn would be urinating very often. Always keep your baby in soiled diapers so that the baby gets rid of diaper rashes.

Sterilize bottles and breast pump regularly

Always wash and sterilize feeding bottles at least twice a day. Do not forget to do the same with your breast pump that can be sterilized. Do not forget the teats. Wash them thoroughly before every feed.

 Trim Nails Regularly

Trim your nails regularly. The skin of your baby is very delicate and he might get hurt if you have long nails. You must trim his nails at regular intervals as he might scratch his own face. Do this while the baby is sleeping.

Don’t shake your baby vigorously

Do you know shaking your baby also leads to brain injury? Whether you are trying to put her or him to sleep or just comforting her, shaking her is not going to help you achieve the goal. Instead, just rock her gently from side to side and sing a lullaby.

Bathe your baby right

Once the umbilical cord falls and the area heals your baby will graduate from sponge baths to normal baths. Be careful while handling your baby while bathing. (Source- Google)

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