Amazon KDP Reviews
Amazon KDP Reviews

Amazon KDP Reviews: KDP is launched by Amazon in the year 2007. The full name of KDP is Kindle Direct Publishing. It is an e-book self-publishing platform developed by Amazon.

It was launched together with the first Amazon Kindle device. KDP was primarily developed for the authors/publishers so that they can publish their book/novel directly without any mediator on the Kindle store. In Kindle, the authors can simply publish their documents in whichever formats they like and charge for their work.

The charges may vary from $0.99 to $200.00. Documents in Kindle can be written in 44 languages. Apart from reading online, KDP offers a paperback that uses print-on-demand technology. Through KDP, Amazon has managed to encourage the authors to publish both e-books and paperbacks that too on the same platform.

Amazon KDP Reviews

Talking about “Amazon KDP Reviews”. Although KDP comes from a big brand Amazon, it has gained a lot of criticism since the day it was launched. People are not able to know how to use it properly. KDP was basically launched for the authors who do not want to publish their books in hardcopies as it requires a lot of money.

Publishing your book/novel on Kindle sounds pretty much easy. However, it is not. It requires a lot of study and market research before publishing your book on Kindle. If you want that your novel gets a maximum of downloads, then you need to stay ahead of current trends.

In kindle, the author/publisher can also read the reviews of the readers. This is very helpful when publishers want to know what readers feel about the book.

KDP is profitable if used properly. You can not just go to the Kindle website and publish your book. You need to follow all the necessary steps that include finding a suitable format, having a  good cover page, and many more.

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