'My Father's Dragon' Trailer Revealed Adapted from Ruth Stiles Gannett's
'My Father's Dragon' Trailer Revealed Adapted from Ruth Stiles Gannett's

After betraying the first-look image back in April, Netflix has shared the official trailer for their new animated feature My Father’s Dragon. Accommodate from Ruth Stiles Gannett’s book of the same name, the trailer promises an exciting new adventure the whole family can enjoy.

My Father’s Dragon Trailer Breakdown

The trailer opens with a voiceover narration as someone relays the story of their father, Elmer. Viewers see that while Elmer tends to be a fairly happy child, he faces his own challenges. He’s soon brought to an unreal island where he befriends a dragon named Boris.

About, the trailer proposes viewers to the vibrant and imaginative world of the film, featuring the different creatures that will show up and the places Boris and Elmer will traverse as they head on their journey. It offers unique landscapes complete with their own color schemes.

Along with its lush observable, the trailer also alludes to a movie that will contain a cheering message for all ages to admire. As it plays out some of the beats of the story, viewers see how Boris and Elmer quickly befriend and support one another every step of the way.

It clenches adventurous courage and accent Elmer’s wonder at the new world in which he finds themselves. The trailer also exhibition the movie won’t afraid away from sturdy moments, while still asserting its core tone.

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My Father’s Dragon features a star-studded voice cast that added Gaten Matarazzo, Jacob Tremblay, Whoopi Goldberg, Rita Moreno, Chris O’Dowd, Dianne Wiest, Judy Greer, Alan Cumming, Golshifteh Farahani, Yara Shahidi, Jackie Earle Haley, Adam Brody, Charlene Yi, Leighton Meester, Mary Kay Place, Spence Moore II, Maggie Lincoln, Jack Smith, and Ian McShane.

The characteristic hails from animation studio Cartoon Saloon, which has released noteworthy projects such as Wolfwalkers, Song of the Sea, and The Secret of Kells. The screenplay was adapted by Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) and directed by Nora Twomey (The Breadwinner).

LeFauve, John Morgan, Cartoon Saloon’s Gerry Shirren and Tomm Moore, and similar Films’ Alan Moloney and Ruth Coady serve as administrator makers. Paul Young produces for Cartoon Saloon, with Julie Lynn and Bonnie Curtis generate for Mockingbird Pictures. External Link: Netflix

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