The Masked Singer’ Triple Reveal Shares Identities of Hummingbird,
The Masked Singer’ Triple Reveal Shares Identities of Hummingbird,

At the end of the last week’s episode of the season 8 premiere. It was revealed that the glam bird would be going home, but he was not actually unmasked. This week, his unmasking kicked off the festivities, and despite the panel guessing boy banders in every season of the show. They were not able to see right in front of their faces. Despite a bunch of football-leaning clues and guesses. Hummingbird was revealed to be Grammy-nominated by NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatric.

Kirkpatrick opens up to EW about how he wanted to do the show. His plans to throw the panelists, and which of his NSYNC bandmates totally called him.

What surprised us the most about the show?

How difficult it is to wear the costumes, like the maneuverability and the costumes are heavy, and how much they change things vocally. Because when you have got those wings strapped on, they are strapped to the chest and they are pulling at the chest.

And there is a certain way I have always grown up and spent my life singing, and having to have three or two days to flip that around, and change everything about it, and not be able to run around on the stage or do flips or do the crazy kinds of stuff that we used to do, it made it very challenging.

But that is why I did the show. This is only the point of the show. They don’t want the show to be easy. They don’t want us to go out and do what we always do, because that wouldn’t be much fun. And it worked. And the challenge of the costume was the most difficult part of the show. External Link:

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