Time Bandits' Series TO Add More New Cast
Time Bandits' Series TO Add More New Cast

It was reported that the academy Award winner Taika Waititi would be making a series of the 1981 film Time Bandits for Apple TV+. Not many details have been released on the adaptation since, until today. The streamer has announced the cast. Who will be leading the series, and it includes former Friends star, Lisa Kudrow.

Time Bandits was a fantasy adventure film. Which was directed by Terry Gilliam and co-written by Terry Gilliam. Time Bandits followed a young boy as he joined a rag-tag group of bandits and thieves in an adventure through time.

We are not having much news about this new series, but it is said it will follow the same plot, just extended out to be a ten-episode comedy series. It will also be co-written by Waititi, and executive produced by Waititi, the filmmaker also set to direct the first two episodes of ‘Time Bandits’.

Just like the plot, We are not having many details about the role Kudrow will play it is excepted that they are named Penelope. She is having a big name attached to the series.

Kudrow is an Emmy-winning actress, most notably known for starring in Friends. He also had roles in hit films like Booksmart and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, as well as acclaimed series like The Comeback and Web Therapy.

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