If you are looking for a western movie that could get your nostalgic juices flowing, you will feel very good to know that Murder at Yellowstone City is all set to release. It is a story that mixes the classic, Golden Age Hollywood genre with a murder mystery. It is blessed with an amazing cast.

The movie revolves around a sheriff who accuses and imprisons a black man. From seeing the trailer, it can be said that the movie will have everything in order to amaze the viewers. It can be considered a horror film as the characters describe the city as an “evil place” and it looks to be one. In the movie, the viewers will get to see religion and violence movie together. The sheriff in this movie is clearly looking to misuse the powers he got.

Murder at Yellowstone City is coming your way

After the killing, things get more complicated. The Sheriff gets into conflict mode with the priest, the suspects, and the inhabitants. It looks like none of them is ready to trust the people around them. Murder at Yellowstone City is directed by Richard Gray. It is all set to release in theaters and on digital/on-demand on June 24. It will be distributed by RLJE Films.

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