Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 Trailer Explained: The second season of ‘Miss Scarlet and The Duke’ is expected to release on October 16. It revolves around a female detective of Scotland and she will be again seen taking on intriguing crimes and unfathomable mysteries. ‘Miss Scarlet and The Duke is created by Rachael New for PBS Network. It features Ansu Kabia, Andrew Gower, and Kevin Doyle. It is a show that encourages its viewers to go beyond their limits and face all the challenges.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 Trailer Explained

Recently, the trailer has been released recently and by this trailer, it can be said that Eliza is all set to ace her role. This time also she will be seen proving the men wrong by consistently beating them to the crime-busting finishing line.

In the second season also, Eliza and William will be seen working together and their bond will also grow this season. This season seems to be very promising. The audience will get to see a different side of Eliza and Williams. They started trusting each other more and things will get more flirty between the duo. The series is distributed by the PBS network in the United States.

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