Halloween Candy comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including wax lips and, if your neighbors are sadists, pennies.
However, when grownups dressed as very old dancing hot dogs think back on their Halloween trick-or-treating days, they probably start to long for one of these 31 hall-of-fame treats, which we’ve ranked from best to worst. Treats and cavities can be taken care of together. 


It’s like someone made the world’s thinnest toffee out of a lot of peanut butter and layered it on top of a blanket of chocolate. The tiny flakes pop off when you bite into it, melting on your tongue like chocolate cow butter.


The crunch of Halloween cookies, the hard, scrumptious caramel, and the chocolate that is so silky. There are three great things about Twix, but this one is even better when it comes in fun-size form. The three primary components are precisely proportioned, achieving a balance that completely justifies the intense sugar rush.


Snickers is without a doubt the most filling candy bar available. Practically every food group is represented by nougat, caramel, nuts, and chocolate. Even when eaten in bite-sized portions, this is one that is difficult to consume in a single sitting. However, it is well worth the effort and serves as a useful costume accessory for Pissed-Off Betty White.


Let’s be honest, KitKat is the closest your Halloween bag will get to containing a sandwich: A little tuna on rye is not nearly as good as milk chocolate and sugary wafers, especially when they’ve been sitting in a pillowcase for a few hours. Additionally, the snack-sized two-by-two KitKat is a sweet addition to your Hacksaw Jim Duggan costume.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

It is not only the best candy available, but it is also one of the best snacks overall—the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Additionally, it is extremely adaptable, especially for Halloween.

Are you savoring the mini with its chocolate-cut edges that are sharp? The medium cup, in all its glory as a single bite? Or the pumpkin, which allows you to inhale as much sugary peanut butter as you can? It’s a good day for you. Eat a Reese’s and you won’t regret it.

Nestle Crunch

Something healthy, finally. Rice puffs are nutritious, correct? especially when topped with Nestlé’s melty milk chocolate, which is a mouthwatering treat. It turns into a poor man’s Cocoa Krispies if left unchewed for an extended period of time. This is positive.

100 Grand

What did we do when some kind soul decided to make a candy bar that tastes more like Little Debbie’s unnoticed Star Crunch with more caramel? We didn’t think of it. Relegated it to a bar that is more akin to buying overpriced candy during a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts than to the excellent snack it is.100 Grand ought to get better.

Mr. Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar is the king of the Hershey’s variety pack—a straightforward, peanutty bit of awesome that puts Krackel to shame—and the snack that is so delicious that simply calling it Goodbar seemed like a sign of disrespect.

Hershey’s Bars

The best no-frills, melt-in-your-mouth candy in the bag is the American classic. Add some almonds, and you have a monster. When you add Cookies ‘n’ Creme, you won’t know what you’re even eating. These can be used to make s’mores at a campfire in the fall and winter.

Baby Ruth

Similar to PayDays, but with chocolate on top and the crushing disappointment you feel when your kids don’t get your references to Goonies. But hey, try again. Nerd.

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