List of Halloween Books For Kids
List of Halloween Books For Kids

Halloween Books can be a mixed bag for your children, depending on their age. While older children beg for permission to watch an R-rated slasher movie, younger children find the festivities, which include crowds of people dressed in bizarre costumes, a little too jarring. Here is a spooky and silly list of the best Halloween books for kids from 2022. These books will get kids and big kids excited for Halloween.


Little Witch

By Anna Elizabeth Bennett

Buy at $9

A charming tale that has endured through the years for good reason. The story, which tells the story of a charming witch who wants to go to school with humans, has enough magic, humor, and imagination to make any young reader want to read more.


The Halloween Moon

By Joseph Fink

Buy at $11.29

Unless Halloween never ends, it’s a great time. In this book for tweens, Esther, the protagonist, and her ragtag group of classmates must avoid that nightmare scenario.


Halloween Must Be Near

By A.l. Bullard

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A perfect read for young children who are eagerly counting down the days until Halloween night. It is a quick and easy read that describes all of the sights and celebrations.


True Ghost Stories for Kids: Fifty Spine-tingling Ghostly Tales

By Barbara Smith

Buy at $5

The stories are short but well-written, and they are suitable for all ages (and do not contain any gore). In conclusion, any child who is old enough to enjoy feeling a little scared will adore this one.


Room on the Broom

By Julia Donaldson

buy $7

A funny tale about a nice witch and her animal friends that ends with a fight with a dragon that breathes fire. The prose is rhyming and easy to read, and the content is suitable for even the youngest children because it is significantly less intense in picture book format than it is on the screen.


Big Pumpkin

By Erica Silverman

buy at $3

There are witches and humans who would give anything to eat homemade pumpkin pie. The protagonist’s pumpkin is too big to pick from the vine here, at least not without the assistance of some festive friends. It is one of the worthy Halloween books.


The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

By Riel Nason

buy at $17

There was once a small ghost who stood out from the rest of his friends and family by being concealed beneath a thick quilt rather than the usual light sheet. A joyful tale about the significance of self-acceptance, this one features zero scares and a lot of social-emotional learning.


The Little Kitten

By Nicola Killen

buy at $16

In this charming read-aloud with subdued holiday themes and striking mixed-media illustrations, an adventurous toddler named Ollie—whom some may be familiar with from Killen’s The Little Reindeer—sets out on a brief journey to return a lost cat to its home.


Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

By Alice Schertle

buy at $6

This adorable lift-the-flap board book features everyone’s favorite truck, Little Blue, and his animal crew on their way to a costume party. You’ll soon be able to recite it from memory if you teach this one to your toddler.


How to Make Friends with a Ghost

By Rebecca Green

BUY AT $16

If you’ve ever seen Poltergeist, you might be skeptical at first about the idea that harmless ghosts exist. We’re in safe kids’ book area, companions. The message of friendship in this whimsical tale about learning about the things that go bump in the night reads like a how-to guide, and it will make any young child feel much more at ease with the holiday.

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