Halloween stories can be a mixed bag for your children, depending on their age. While older children beg for permission to watch an R-rated slasher movie, younger children find the festivities, which include crowds of people dressed in bizarre costumes, a little too jarring. 

Looking for good children’s short stories? We have a fantastic collection of really short bedtime stories, short fiction stories for kids, funny short bedtime stories, and more. With hundreds of short stories for children, short stories for babies, and short stories for children at bedtime, you can make bedtime even more enjoyable for your child.

The Twelve Days Of Halloween

A fun memory and storybook game for Halloween evenings spent with kids around a campfire. Can you recall how many of the zombie gifts you received?


The Three Halloween Cats

Tim, Leah, and Emmie are going trick-or-treating, but they don’t expect to meet some spooky Halloween cats.

Veronica Peach

Veronica Peach enjoys books, crazy hats, and silly voices. She decided to ride her flashy racing bike around town and read to children.

Ollie The Octopus And Sukey The Spider

Sukey The Spider’s best friend is Ollie the octopus. Read about their rhyming adventures with sixteen legs.

Your Magic Light

A story about the love and beauty that your unique light can bring to other people and how it spreads from one person to another

Ou Ou Wants To Have Friends

Everyone believes that Ou Ou’s quills are too sharp, despite his desire to make new friends. Can he overcome their rejection?

Scowly Puss And The Very Rain Day

Scowly Puss is depressed and bored. Fortunately, Antony, the ant appears to instruct him.

A Puppy Lost In Paris

In Paris, Oliver, the puppy named Baxter, passes away. To locate him, he must use his nose.

The Neighbourhood Sofa

Darla, Mr. Barry eventually decides to get rid of his previous sofa. However, before you know it, a whole group of friends appears.

You’re By BOO!

This is an adorable and non-frightening story for bedtime to celebrate Halloween with your child.

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