MeChat Characters

MeChat Characters: MeChat is a mobile game that was released on December 15, 2020. MeChat was developed by PlayMe Studio. MeChat is a fictional dating model that enables users to match with exciting characters.

MeChat Characters

In the following list, we have compiled all available exclusive characters currently present on MeChat.

  • Jasper Sharp
  • Joshua Tobin
  • Leo Collins
  • Stork Enclave
  • Ace Pole
  • Charlez Frost
  • Kazu Tanabe
  • Desmond Prey

MeChat has an Exclusive and Seasonal Matches category. In this category, the game offers players to match with characters of a limited time period. In this mobile game, these limited characters are not available every time thus, the players need to check the app very often in order to get a match with limited characters.

The price of exclusive characters in the United States is $9.99. However, the prices vary with country and currency. MeChat was developed by PlayMe Studio.

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