Maid Review - Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother %currentyear%
Maid Review - Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother %currentyear%
Maid Review - Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother 2024
Maid Review Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother 2021

Director: Molly Smith Metzler

Date Created: 2021-10-11 01:11

Editor's Rating:
Maid Review - Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother %currentyear%
Maid Review – Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother 20221

Very New Netflix series Maid Review

This is a 10 part miniseries, and it depicts the condition of poverty in America is well explained by this ongoing Drama. This Netflix arrival is created by Molly Smith Metzler, actually, from a bestselling literary Memoir created by Stephenie Land and has the same title. 

This series has a complete focus on Alex, She is a single mother, and she just ran away with her baby from an abusive relationship. Her daughter’s name is Maddy, and Alex wants to give all the happiness to her. The series Maid takes the sensitive subject matter very carefully, and then the whole draft is created beautifully. There is an overall showcase of talented performers.

It is a beautiful story arrangement showing the beautiful bond of mother-daughter. Intake care of the complete people rather than cleaning all the previous cliches of Netflix. All in all, this is one of the best presentations on Netflix, And we need more stories like this, and “Maid” deserves lots of praise. 

This series is a complete representation of realism, and it’s but the depiction that is very renowned in this contemporary world, and it’s rare too.

The main protagonist of this story plot, Alex, after leaving the house of his boyfriend she started working as a house cleaner in Middle America. She is working very hard only for her baby. This series created a lot of buzz and broke the trend of mediocre Originality within the recent coming series.

This story plot will give you the idea of ‘what is being desperately poot in a developed county. There is very much popularity given to the domestic workers from the era of the melodramas.

The suffering of poor and helpless women and victims of domestic violence is very much predicted in this series.  This is all about a Mother’s will to survive in this cruel world, and this story is also clearing the black spot that put stereotypically to the Maid’s of American cities.

The actual plot of the story |Maid Review

Alex is a 25-year lady and a single mother of a baby girl named Maddy. The actual story begins when she walks out of a terrible conditioned abusive relationship with Sean (her boyfriend), and she has just $10 in her wallet.

The narrative of this story plot takes us to the experience of living your life in poverty after having skills and lots of degrees.

There is an ongoing very popular system in the American States for single mothers, and some paperwork and signatures follow that, From negotiation with the Labyrinths to the Governmental Bureaucracy to enroll in the job of a house cleaner.

In the last episode of the series in a therapy program at the DV shelter all the victims of domestic violence are telling about the happiest day of their life, someone asked Alex about her happiest day and she replies-

“My happiest day hasn’t happened yet. But it’s about. On that day, I am going to get in my car that smells like old tuna…which will be packed with all of my belongings and my amazing daughter. And I am going to drive out of this town. I am going to drive nine hours, 566 miles to Missoula, Montana. Where I am going t spend the next four years, learning to be a writer. Hopefully, there will be a lot of happy days during that time. And I know there will be some hard ones. Most people would be against a single mom putting herself through college. But they don’t know what it took to get here.

Three hundred and thirty-eight toilets cleaned, seven types of government assistance, nine separated moves, one night on the ferry station floor, and the entire third year of my daughter’s life. But when we get to Missoula  I am going to take Madd up Sentinel Mountain which looks over the town and shows her our new home. The hike will be hard but we will gonna make it to the top. That the whole new world is for her.”

The overall story of the series is awesome, initially, you may get bored in one or two episodes but once you will reach the end of the series you will surely wait for season 2.

The writer of this story presents it linearly, That’s why this show is top on the web. After watching the series, I want to say that I will eagerly wait for season 2 of this series from now on. I want to see Alex Journey to Missoula, Montana, and her college life, and I also want to know if Sean will be able to overcome his alcohol addiction. Will Sean and Alex meet again, and will Alex fulfill her dream to become a successful writer?

The genre of this series is Drama. Music by Chris Stracey. The county of origin is the United States. The original language is English. The producers are Colin Mckenna, Terri Murphy, Bonnie R Benwick. Running the time of the show 47 to 60 minutes. Streaming Network “Netflix.”

Maid Review - Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother 2021
Maid Review – Netflix Drama Series of a Single mother 2021

Maid cast and characters

  • Margaret Qualley as Alex is a young single mother.
  • Nick Robinson as Sean the father of Alex’s daughter Maddy and he is very abusive towards Alex.
  • Anika Noni Rose as Regina, a Rich client of Alex, Alex used to clean her house and later they become very good friends.
  • Tracy Vilar is Yolanda, and this character is the boss of value maids (Alex was an employee of value maids, who provides maids for house cleaning service.)
  • Billy Burke as Hank
  • Andie MacDowell as Paula, Alex mother
  • Rylea Nevaeh as Maddy, Alex, and Sean’s 3-year daughter
  • Xavier De Guzman, as Ethan, is Sean’s best friend.
  • Raymond Ablack as Nate, one of the friends of Alex.
  • Bj Harrison, like Denise, is a woman who runs out of a domestic violence shelter.
  • Aimee Carrero, Mozhan Marno, and Theodore Pellerin were also seen as guest artists.

Maid- A Netflix Series Episodes List

  • Dollar Store-Episode 1
  • Ponies-Episode 2
  • Sea Glass-Episode 3
  • Cashmere”-Episode 4
  • Theif-Episode 5
  • M-Episode 6
  • String Cheese-Episode 7
  • Bear Hunt-Episode 8
  • Sky Blue-Episode 9
  • Snaps-Episode 10

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