Lord Wetherby Bridgerton: Bridgerton Season 2 has been recently released on Netflix. Bridgerton season 2 is based on the second book of the Bridgerton book series named “The Viscount Who Loved Me”. The first season of Bridgerton was released in December 2020.

Bridgerton tv-series is created by Chris Van Dusen and it is based on a famous book series by Julia Quinn. This book series has a total of 8 books and each book is focused on the life of one of the Bridgerton Siblings. Season 1 was based on “Duke and I”.

Bridgerton has been rated TV-MA for the content shown in the series.

Lord Wetherby Bridgerton

Talking about “Lord Wetherby Bridgerton”, the character of Lord Wetherby does not appear in Bridgerton season 2. In season one, The role of Lord Wetherby was played by Ned Porteous.

Lord Wetherby was Henry Granville’s lover but they never accepted their relationship before anyone as they both were men. Henry and Lord Wetherby had a long time relationship. Lord Wetherby attended Henry’s party where they spent some quality time together.

During the time of their relationship, Henry was married to a woman who knows everything about their relationship.

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The Bridgerton TV series has a total of 16 episodes and 2 seasons to date. The first episode of season one was released back in December 2020. This tv series has a running time of approx 1hour per episode. Bridgerton is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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