Bridgerton Family tree- Bridgerton is a Netflix Original romantic drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and based on the smash-hit novels by Julia Quinn.

The series is produced by Shonda Rhimes under her production label Shondaland. The show has become the most popular series on Netflix.

Each of the Bridgerton siblings has their own love story told in Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels.

Bridgerton Family tree

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Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is in season 2 of the show and the eldest Bridgerton child. In season 1 we see that Anthony is friends with Simon Basset he is the reason Duke and Daphne cross paths. In season 2 we will see his love story with Kate Sharma. In season one he was 29 years old and in season 2 he is in his 30.

Benedict Bridgerton

Benedict is the second child in the Bridgerton family tree and season 3  will focus on his love life, based on the book An Offer from a Gentleman. Benedict was born in 1786 and he was 27 years old during Bridgerton’s first season and 28 in Bridgerton’s season 2.

Colin Bridgerton

He is sweet and young. The third eldest Bridgerton son found himself embroiled in something of a love triangle in season 1 of the show. Colin was born in 1791. In Bridgerton season 1, Colin is only 22 and will be 23 in season 2.

Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne Basset Bridgerton and her love story with the Duke was the center of season 1 of the show. She is the fourth child in the family and the eldest daughter. She was born in 1792 and was 21 in Bridgerton season 1 and 22 in season 2.

Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton is the fifth eldest Bridgerton sibling and second daughter. She has no interest in romance or men. Eloise Bridgerton was born in 1796 in season 1 she was 17 in Bridgerton seasons 2 and 18.

Bridgerton Family tree Wallpaper and images
Bridgerton Family tree Wallpaper and images

Francesca Bridgerton

Miss Francesca is the sixth-eldest Bridgerton sibling and third daughter in the family tree. During season 1, Francesca left to practice pianoforte with their Aunt Winnie.

Gregory Bridgerton

Gregory is one of the youngest Bridgerton children in the Bridgerton Family tree. He tends to play with Hyacinth a fair bit. He doesn’t have a huge role as yet, but in time that’ll change.

Hyacinth Bridgerton

Hyacinth Bridgerton is the youngest child in the family tree and she’s very excited by the idea of seeing her siblings enter high society.

Viscount Edmund Bridgerton

Lord Bridgerton was the patriarch of the family but died while his wife Victoria was pregnant

Violet Bridgerton

Violet Bridgerton is a widow to Edmund and mother to all eight Bridgerton children She is something of a matchmaker for her children.

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