Kara Killmer Revealed Why Sylvie Brett Didn't Move With Casey
Kara Killmer Revealed Why Sylvie Brett Didn't Move With Casey

Chicago Fire Star Kara Killmer Revealed why Brett attempted a long-distance relationship instead of moving to Portland with Casey. The audience has been waiting to know why Kara Killer’s character Sylvie did not move from the main location of the series to Portland.

Now, we must say that this strategy has worked very well as it managed to keep the audience engaged. Currently, “Chicago Fire” is releasing its season 10 and is already ready with season 11.

Chicago Fire has been quite popular among the viewers and many times it is seen that the makers use new tricks to make the audience hooked and engaged. Chicago Fire is universally distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

Casey is the Reason Brett stays in Chicago

Brett and Casey have become a favorite couple of the audience in no time. However, their relationship has to go through a test when Casey has to go to Portland for some reason. After this incident, the audience is expecting that Brett should also move with Casey. But she decided to attempt a long-distance relationship.

Kara Killmer in an interview said that Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) is the reason Brett does not move to Portland and stayed in Chicago. To verify this statement, she recalls a scene from Season 8 which was set at the time when two characters bond. {Source: Google.com}

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