Ignite Me Parents Guide |Ignite Me Age Rating
Ignite Me Parents Guide | Ignite Me Age Rating

Ignite Me Parents Guide

Ignite Me is a young adult dystopian thriller written by Tahereh Mafi, published by Harper Collins Publishers on February 5, 2013.  The Unravel Me is the first of a series of six books and the books are:

1. Shatter Me, 2. Unravel Me, 3. Ignite Me, 4. Restore Me, 5. Defy Me, and 6. Imagine Me

Ignite Me is the final installment in the Shatter Me trilogy. This novel is essentially a love triangle of Juliet, Adam, and Warner, that focuses mainly on the relationship between Warner and Juliette, with the fight against the Reestablishment, reduced to a mere setting for the love story.

Ignite Me Age Rating

The Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi is age-rated for the ages 14+. The content in this book may be inappropriate for the age group under 14 as it contains high Violence and sexual content.

Ignite Me Parents Guide | Ignite Me Age Rating | 2014
Ignite Me Parents Guide | Ignite Me Age Rating | 2014
Book NameIgnite Me
AuthorTahareh Mafi
SeriesShatter Me Trilogy
Recommended Age Rating14+
Preceded by  Unravel Me
Followed byRestore Me
Date of PublicationFeb 4, 2014
No. of Page416
PublisherHarper Collins Publication
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Ignite Me Parents Guide

It includes sexual content that is not suitable for kids.
There are some frequent bloodshed scenes in the story, violence is included in it.
There might be strong language in it.
The content in this account is a perfect fit for the age group of 13 and up as the book is all about fantasy that mature will find interesting.
Alcohol is encountered in this book.
Ignite Me Parents Guide

Ignite Me Summary

After the war, Juliette Ferrars finds herself in Warner’s bedroom at his military base. She has been saved from her mortal gunshot wound by Warner who used the twins, Sonya and Sara to heal her. And soon she comes to know that the battle is over and that Omega Point, the home of the rebels, has vanished and all her friends are dead including Adam. Juliette is horrified to know that all her friends are dead. And the twins have been taken by Warner’s father, Anderson. She burst out of anger, hurt, and hate, Juliette wants revenge she decides to kill Anderson and destroy the Reestablishment in which Warner offers his help to her.

Warner’s mother was sick – she could not touch anyone, not even her own body. And he hoped that she will help him with this. Warner’s father has her locked away in his house, where she is drugged. warner revealed to Juliette that all the bad work he has done is to bring her out of her cell and wanted her to fight back. As she spends time with Warner, Juliette realized that he is not the monster she thought and that he cares deeply about her.

Soon they come to know that many of her friends survived the bombing and are living at Adam’s house. There Juliette meets Castle, Ian, Alia, Lily, Winston, Brendan, Adam, and his ten-year-old brother, James. They all thought that Warner had come back to kill them, but Juliette explains that he is not the cold-hearted murderer they believed. the survived decided to fight back at any cost and Adam confesses to Juiliette that he only wants her nothing else. But now Juiliette is not the same she used to be.

When Warner arrives at Adam’s house, Juliette, Adam, and Warner have a huge confrontation. Adam no longer wants to fight against the Reestablishment, while Juliette and Warner are convinced they can now win if they combine their power and work together. This leads to huge friction between Adam and Juliette. Juliette forced Adam to face the truth about their relationship. The survivors, along with Juliette must now decide whether to take this last chance to destroy Anderson and the Reestablishment and to trust that Warner will not betray them.

Ignite Me Characters

  • Juliette Ferrars: Juliette starts off like a scared, traumatized 17-year-old girl, having been abused, locked away, and made to feel like a monster her entire life.
  • Aaron Warner: 19-year-old leader of Sector 45 in the Reestablishment; shown as a very cold and manipulative person.
  • Adam Kent: A soldier in the army, 18 years old, He is known as a handsome man with blue eyes, tattoos, and dark brown hair.
  • Kenji Kishimoto: A 20-year-old soldier in Warner’s army who is friends with Adam
  • James Kent: Adam’s 10-year-old younger brother. He is extremely mature for his age.
  • Castle: Leader of the Rebellion (Omega Point).

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