I Am Fish Age Rating Parents Guide System Requirement 2021
I Am Fish Age Rating Parents Guide System Requirement 2021
I Am Fish Age Rating Parents Guide System Requirement 2021
I Am Fish Age Rating Parents Guide System Requirement 2021

All about this new video game “I Am Fish”

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Series I Am Bread
Developer Bossa Studios
Publisher Curve digital
Mode Single Player Game
Genre  Action, puzzle, video, and  Aquatica
Languages English, Chinese, French, Italian, German
Released on September 16, 2021
Platforms Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox series X, and series S.


This game entitled ‘I Am Fish’ is a very charming game it’s is a science-based adventure, especially physics, the stars of this game are four fish friends, and these are inferred fishes, in the plot of the game, these fishes are separated from there home, by force they all were kept in a fish tank, and in this game, you have to find your way to the open ocean, For that, you can chew, roll, swim and fly too, and help these brave’s to gain freedom and help reunite again. 

I Am Fish Age Rating And Parents Guide

I Am Fish has received a PEGI 12 because it features the use of bad language. Not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.

  • This game includes the occasional use of mild bad language (‘bloody’).
  • The fish characters are attacked by seagulls or humans or attacking their house.
  •  There is a scene in a hospital where a piranha has to bite many blood sacks so that the room fills with blood and allows the fish to escape.
  • The ensuing tide of blood sweeps away a human.
  • In another scene, set in a nightclub, there is a sight of lines of white powder with a straw next to them. While this suggests drug use, there is no sight of drugs being used.

Features of the game

This is a game which is a physics-based game. I Am Fish is a single-player game, and this game consists of steam Achievements has full controller support. This game supports steam cloud too. You can take control of the four different characters in the same play, It doesn’t contain mature content, This game is teens friendly.

I Am Fish System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 (4 * 3200) or equivalent
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 960 (4096 VRAM)
  • Storage: 12 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 (8 * 3400) or equivalent
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce RTX 2060 Super (6144VRAM)
  • Storage: 12 GB available space

I Am Fish Gameplay

This is a bizarre fish tale that starts with two men, and it’s the sequel of I m bread or based on the game idea of finding Nemo, This game is all about diving into a wild world.

In this, a fish is diving with the jar in which that fish is kept or forcibly caged, and she is facing everything for freedom, This is a tale of four Different fishes who are doing anything to reunite again.

They ran away from that place where they are kept, And crossing lots of daring water adventures or even they make themselves alive in out of the water also, in wish to be free and meet their friends again, reach to there home again, In an epic journey of their lifetime.

You have to help these fishes in reaching their final destination, which is the ocean. With its ideal plot of coastline of Barnardshire villages, but this game is creating many threats in the life of these four fishes, from crossing the roads to traversing the rooftops and dodging in deep fat fryers and moving ahead while avoiding the dangerous wildlife, and being mentioned in a fragile fishbowl throughout the game. 

It shows the gameplay is not that easy, and you have to face many hurdles to reunite these fantastic four.

I Am Fish Game Characters 

  • Goldfish- very cheerful, brave, adventurous, and a born swimmer.
  • Pufferfish-A little slow but very kind-hearted kind of fish, and who can roll down the land areas and puff up into some ball.
  • Piranha loves to bite, is very unpredictable, and is wild chaotic.
  • Flying fish, she is sometimes aloof in her world.

I Am Fish Game Price 

The game price is around $19. 99…

I Am Fish Game Review 

According to the pc invasion, this game is unique and gives the player the luxury of playing, this is one of the best games made by Bossa Studios, and it caused a sequel too. 

It is immediately fun but later on the run, and it is one of the games that anyone can play with cute characters and series plots; this is a great game.

IGN rated it 7/10 and stated that it is a delightful game, and it forces you to cry in joy and draws you to laugh in some sequences.

I Am Fish Official Trailer

YouTube video player

All and all, this game is a marvelous discovery of 2021 in the world of video games. Why wait? Go and enjoy, I Am Fish,  a beautiful and adventurous ride on available playing platforms. 

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