Highest Grossing Animated Films G and PG rated. List of the Highest Grossing animated movies of all time. Highest Grossing Animated Films in us
Highest Grossing Animated Films G and PG rated. List of the Highest Grossing animated movies of all time. Highest Grossing Animated Films in us

Highest Grossing Animated Films: The first animated film was created in 1908 by a French cartoonist and it is called Fantasmagorie. Animated films are a popular genre among both children and adults. They contain amazing storylines, dynamic plots, and comedic characters all create which make an animated film so great.

Animated family films have performed well at the box office, with Disney enjoying releases earlier to the home video era with Walt Disney Animation Studios, who have produced films such as Aladdin and The Lion King which were the highest-grossing films.

Disney Animation enjoyed success with both Frozen and Frozen II in addition to Pixar, of which The Incredibles films, the Toy Story films, Finding Nemo films, and Inside Out have been the best performers. 

The below lists are the highest-grossing animated films. The Lion King and The Simpsons Movie are computer-animated films. Despicable Me is the most constituted franchise with all 5 films in the Top 50 Highest-grossing animated films.

Top Earned Animated Movies Of All Time

Here is the list of the highest-grossing animated movies of all time. Animated films can be a lot of fun in the theatres, and they can also make a lot of money. These are the highest-earning animated films of all time.

S.NoTitleYearAge RatingBox Office Collection
1.The Lion King2019PG$1.65 Billion
2.Frozen II2019PG$1.45 Billion
3.Frozen2013PG$1.26 Billion
4.Finding Dory2016PG$1.02 Billion
5.Toy Story 42019G$1.07 Billion
6.Incredibles 22018PG$1.24 Billion
Top Earned Animated Movies Of All Time | Highest Grossing Animated Films

Highest-Grossing Animated Films

Many films that were released during the 20th century do not appear on this list. These animated films are grossed in excess of $1 billion globally. 

The Lion King earned  $1.65 Billion

The Lion King Official Trailer
The Lio King Trailer: Highest-Grossing Animated Films

The Lion King is at number 2 on the list of the one hundred best-animated movies ever made. This movie makes it clear why Disney reconsiders it over 20 years later in a live-action format. 

The Lion King 2019 follows the same exact story as the original one, but instead of lovable cartoon lions running across the screen, audiences were surprised by a mix of both live-action images and CGI animation. 

The film is combined with the beautiful African landscape and the visuals are a masterpiece. This animated movie ranks number 1 as the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

Frozen II earned  $1.45 Billion

Frozen 2 Official Trailer
Frozen 2 Trailer: Highest-Grossing Animated Films

6 years after the release of the original movie Frozen II hit the theatres and exceeded the original’s box office numbers giving the world a whole new soundtrack. 

This film focuses on the sisters’ relationship yet again, but also gives a reason as to why their parents traveled out before their ship was demolished. Frozen II ties up the open ends of Frozen and provides a happy ending for all involved.

Once again, Elsa must be deep within herself on a journey of self-discovery, but this time she does not jump on that journey alone. She is accompanied by Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and their reindeer Sven.

Frozen earned $1.26 Billion

FROZEN | Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney UK
Frozen Trailer: Highest-Grossing Animated Films

Walt Disney Pictures has left an unattainable watermark on the film industry, especially when it comes to original animations. Frozen was released in 2013, and launched at the box office grossing over $1.2 billion globally. 

Frozen focuses on 2 sisters who lost their parents when they were young, and their relationship has suffered from the loss, the love that they have for each other is enough to save them in the end. 

The film debuted without plenty of friendly songs from the soundtrack and even generated a musical.

Finding Dory earned $1.02 Billion

EXCLUSIVE: 'Finding Dory' Trailer
Finding Dory Trailer: Highest-Grossing Animated Films

Finding Dory appeared in theatres and blew the box office numbers out of the water. The movie is grossing $1.02 billion globally. 

The film follows Dory, who is voiced by Ellen Degeneres, as she begins a journey to find her parents. With the help of her trusted chosen family, Dory must face the deep waters of the ocean and test her limits to successfully release her mom and dad from custody.

Finding Dory flips the original script which makes the adult child rescue her parents instead, leading to another heartwarming ocean classic.

Toy Story 4 earned $1.07 Billion

Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer
Toy Story Trailer: Highest-Grossing Animated Films

The Disney-Pixar collaboration was first released in 1995 and there is no other group of toys in the film that has been on more adventures than the crew in the Toy Story franchise. 

The franchise houses 4 films in total, and surprisingly Toy Story 4 ranks number 5 on The Numbers’ list of globally highest-grossing animated films of all time. The gang finds themselves on yet another journey as they set out on a road trip with their new owner Bonnie in this film. 

Woody, who has been voiced by Tom Hanks throughout the franchise, runs into his old friend Bo Peep. While the 2 are catching up, they realize how much has changed for them and how very different they have become.

Incredibles 2 earned $1.24 Billion

Incredibles 2 Official Trailer
Incredibles 2 Trailer: Highest-Grossing Animated Films

Incredibles 2 is one of the Highest Grossing Animated Films. It was not hard for viewers to fall in love with the Incredible Family after its release in 2004. 

The animated group surrounded everything that the American Dream stands for, and the sequel decided to shake things up. Leaving Mr. Incredible on the home front, the movie follows Elastigirl as she embarks on a journey of her own. 

What is the highest-grossing animated film ever?

The Lion King 2019 is the highest animated-grossing film with a $1,657,713,459 box office collection.

What is the most watched animated?

Frozen 2 is the most-watched animated movie.

Highest grossing animated films of 2021?

Turning Red is the Highest grossing animated films of 2021.

Incredibles 2 grossed over $1.2 billion globally at the time of release in 2018, ranking it as the number 3 highest-grossing animated film.

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