He's Expecting Wallpaper and Image
He's Expecting Wallpaper and Image

He’s Expecting Parents Guide and Age Rating

He’s Expecting Parents guide: He’s Expecting is an upcoming Japanese comedy-drama streaming television series based on the manga “Hiyama Kentarou no Ninshin” by Eri Sakai.

The series is directed by Yuko Hakoda, and here in this article below, you will get to know He’s Expecting Age rating and know more about He’s Expecting parents guide, release date, and cast.

Before letting your kids watch the film it is important for the parents to read about He’s Expecting age rating and He’s Expecting Parents Guide to know more about the shown content in the film, keep reading the article.

Official Poster and Details

He’s Expecting is set to be released on April 21, 2022, on Netflix.

He's Expecting Wallpaper and Image
He’s Expecting Wallpaper and Image
Series Name He’s Expecting
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directed by  Yuko Hakoda and Takeo Kikuchi
Written by Yoshitatsu Yamada, Yukiko Sode, Chihiro Amano
Production companies Netflix, TV Tokyo, AOI Promotion
Distributors Netflix
Release Date April 21, 2022
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Official website Netflix

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He’s Expecting Official Synopsis

The story is about a couple who don’t have any children. Kentaro Hiyama, a man, one day finds out that he is pregnant. His partner, Aki Seto, never thought she would become a parent, she was surprised by this and so the two are at first confused by this unexpected event.

As a pregnant man, Kentaro has to company and society, and the series will show how many hardships are experienced by pregnant women.

Challenged by many problems related to pregnancy and childbirth, the couple will have to face the decision to have a baby or not.

He’s Expecting Age Rating

He’s Expecting has been rated TV-PG.

Parental Guidance Suggested for the TV-PG-rated programs. And should be watched by younger children in the company of an adult. Program-rated TV-PG may contain some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or some moderate violence.

He’s Expecting Parents Guide

  • There is are intense scenes in the series.
  • In the series, the pain of pregnancy is shown.
  • There is comedy in the series.
  • There is adult content in the series.

He’s Expecting Wallpaper and Images

He's Expecting Wallpaper and Image
He’s Expecting Wallpaper and Image

He’s Expecting Trailer Breakdown

In the trailer, we can see a couple of Kentaro Hiyama a man with a perfect life, job, and partner. but one day he finds out that he is pregnant and he is expecting a baby. The couple was shocked by this and the man giving birth was not normal in the series.

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He has to face many problems and hardships related to pregnancy and will he be able to face them and give birth to a baby.

Who is in the cast of He’s Expecting?

  • Takumi Saitoh as Kentaro Hiyama
  • Juri Ueno as Aki Seto
  • Mariko Tsutsui
  • Ryo Iwamatsu
  • Kazuya Takahashi
  • Shohei Uno
  • Maho Yamada
  • Lily Franky
  • Gaku Hosokawa
  • Kou Maehara
  • Yusaku Mori
  • Ai Yamamoto
  • Shima Ise
  • Yukiko Shinohara
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
  • Yuriko Ono
  • Mai Kiryu
  • Shigeru Saiki
  • Toshie Negishi

Know about He’s Expecting Parents guide. Why does He’s Expecting receive this age rating? Read the complete information here about He’s Expecting ratings in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

In fact, the age rating is fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America film rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

He's Expecting
Hes Expecting Wallpaper and Image 2

Director: Yuko Hakoda and Takeo Kikuchi

Date Created: 2022-04-21 10:05

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