We have a selection of Halloween drawing ideas that are certain to keep all of you creative types busy throughout the entire spooky season—the spookiest day is just around the corner. But hold on a second before reaching for the pasty glue and construction paper—sometimes the best crafts are those that only require a pencil and paper.

Here are the Halloween Drawing Ideas for Kids:


Ghosts, whether friendly or not, play a significant role in Halloween folklore. Naturally, you will want to draw at least one kind of ghost this season, so we are sure of it. A good (and spooky) place to start is with this tutorial.

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Another nocturnal animal that is frequently associated with this fest is the black bear. You can draw bats yourself by following this guide—they are also extremely enjoyable animals to draw.

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Jack O’Lantern:

Have you ever wondered why they are known as jack o’lanterns? It turns out that this comes from an Irish folktale about a man named “Stingy Jack.”

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Witch’s Hat:

Did you know that the origin of witch-hat symbolism is a mystery to us? It could even be from the Middle Ages.

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Have you ever seen someone use fake tombstones to decorate their lawn for this year? If you follow these instructions, you can at least draw yourself a tombstone, even if you can’t quite complete this laborious installation. It’s a great idea for a homemade greeting card for Halloween.

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Because they only come out at night and make a spooky sound, owls are associated with Halloween. This cartoon owl, on the other hand, is as adorable as a button, so there’s nothing scary about him. Additionally, he is simple to draw, which is good news for all of you novice artists out there.

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Another well-known character from folklore that is frequently associated with his Hallo fest is the vampire. Vampires are a lot of fun to draw because of their elongated teeth and flowing capes. You can get some ideas for drawing your very own vampire from this.

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Black cats have been linked to “witchcraft” at least since the Middle Ages in Europe. It’s unfortunate that this attitude persists to this day because it reduces the number of black cats adopted. However, it does allow us to draw a cute black cat as a symbol for this fest.

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Once upon a time, mummies were a popular festive costume; however, it appears that mummies are no longer associated with Halloween. It’s a shame because mummies would make an excellent festive costume.

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Candy Corn:

Candy corn is unquestionably one of the most popular Halloween snacks, whether you like it or not. Candy corn, with its distinctive orange, white, and yellow design, is a vibrant and entertaining object to draw.

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