G-Rated Movie of 2014 on Netflix
G-Rated Movie of 2014 on Netflix

G-Rated Movie of 2014 on Netflix

G-Rated Movie of 2014 on Netflix: The G in G-Rating stands for General audience. The movies in this category are considered to be a rich source of entertainment for kids.

The movies in this rating are appropriate for all age groups. The language used is appropriate for kids and kids can never learn anything bad from these kinds of movies.

G-Rated movies were primarily made for a very young audience. However, they are now enjoyed by anyone because of their light nature.

There is nothing in these movies that could hurt or disturb young audiences. They can be enjoyed by anyone-anytime. Following is the list of Best G-Rated Movies of 2014 on Netflix.

List of G-Rated Movie of 2014 on Netflix

Doremon Stand by Me

The movie revolves around Nobita Noby and a 22nd Century Robot Cat Doraemon. Nobita is living a below-average life as he is struggling with his studies until Doraemon enters his life. Doraemon has come from the 22nd Century to help Nobita so that he can shape the coming future in the best possible way.

Director  Tony Oliver, Ryuichi Yagi, Takashi Yamashi
Rating  7.4/10
Genre  Animation, Comedy, Science-fiction, Drama, Family
Run-time  1Hour, 35Minutes

A Fairly Odd Summer

It is a tv movie released on August 2, 2014. This movie is the sequel A Fairly Odd Christmas and it is the last installment in this series. A Fairly Odd Summer is directed by Savage Steve Holland.

The movie follows Timmy Turner and his gang when they are out on a vacation. They all went to Hawaii to spend some quality time and to enjoy the beaches of Hawaii.

Director  Savage Steve Holland
Rating 4/10
Genre Animation, Fantasy, Comedy, Family
Run-time 1Hour, 8Minutes
Distributor Netflix

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