Fauci Review | Documentary Film Fauci Plot | 2021
Fauci Review | Documentary Film Fauci Plot | 2021

Fauci Review-

A new documentary is knocking at the door-“Fauci.”

Doctor “Fauci,” became an angel of God for every household during the time of covid 19. And this documentary film is all about his role in some more Different health crisis just like this one. 

He acted as a savior in Hiv/Aids crisis too. This film, having National Geographic production, will entirely focus on “He as a doctor “.

This film will firstly be premiered in selected theatres on 10 September, The film is not entirely about the covid 19 crisis or not wholly based on Hiv/Aids tough times. The creators of the movie will show us the role and action of Doctor Fauci in both situations alternately. The film shows us the time in which social distancing was not a familiar word for us. This documentary on him will lead us to the time when “Fauci” was criticized for the government’s lack of response to such a crisis… 

Fauci himself is a part of a film with a lot more Aids activists and famous faces like, 

  • Bill gates
  • Bono
  • And George W. Bush

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The interview with the Doctor’s family gives us information about what type of man ‘Fauci ‘ is behind his Doctor’s coat… The places where screening occurring “Union Market’s” theater and ” “The Avlon.” Both were the place proof of vaccination done.

Film’s theatrical release date: September 10 with Mongolia pictures. Fauci only has access to a few selected cities, only to the theater having an Entrance for vaccination at pandemic times. An intimate portrait of the Doctor and his life “Fauci,” is produced and directed by the Emmy and Oscar Award-winning team of directors and producers.   

The plot of the savior’s life: 

This is a documentary film focusing on the long-lasting career and personal life of a doctor who becomes ‘The’ in covid 19 and Aids like crises, He works as a complete public servant even after being a very senior successful doctor. Covid 19 is the pandemic that is an incomparable disaster of both the old and modern history; till date. “Fauci is a world-famous ‘Infectious disease specialist’ of Washington DC, and he has worked under seven presidents of that county. He has an overall experience of 40 years of the world’s crisis.

There is no one like him, Only “Tom Fauci” The Doctor that cures diseases and prevents outbreaks’. This film features presidents like (Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Bono, Susan Rice, Dr. Francis Collins, DR. Tom Frieden, journalists Laura, and Apoorva Mandeville from “The New York Times. ” New Yorkehind the camera rockers for this show are– “John Hoffman” and “Janet Tobias”. 

 A saying from Editor “The Doctor has no any control over creativity of the film, And he does not get any money for his participation too.” National Geographic Documentary films and studios will produce the movie by Magnolia pictures. The film will be a documentary the movie, actual life stories genre. 

Few facts on the trailer that is launched:

The first trailer shows us the logo of Mongolian pictures and Syndicate films, then after the snaps from his wife and his son’s interview appear on-screen. Then the Fauci’s statement on medicines that “I love medicines.” Then he forces himself to talk about his life, his ways to handle the problems, the royalty, and the success he gets after becoming a doctor that maps scenes where he meets the presidents. I repeat ‘different presidents throughout his career. Dainik gives some information about 1981 was evolving rapidly and very frighteningly… 

All the peoples were very angry, and the doctors were accused of the death of people, including Doctor “Tom Fauci.”

After that accusation, D pharmacy and other doctors decided to support all the people that are the victims of that HIV crisis and the government who is very responsive to not knowing that the crisis is in a growing stage… 

Then he memorizes some old memories and looks so emotional in the scene when somebody asks him the frustration of not doing anything with photos of affected people… does this affect you?? 

Then Fauci said no.

And after that statement, he became very emotional ‘on the screen’… 

And then his words, “post-stress syndrome will touch the viewer’s heart… 

Then his family and friends talk about him as a person and as a doctor both, and about his thoughts during the crisis of both covid-19 and that HIV AIDS crisis, and that’s all the trailer in bed; now let’s see what “Fauci” has to offer to us… 


Let’s see if it will shock or it will Rock!! 

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