Doctor described about his efforts to treat Johnny Depp drug addiction

The Johnny Depp trial was true to hearing from a video deposition of Dr. David Kipper who was hired in 2014 to treat Depp for his addiction to opioids.

Dr. David Kipper described an idea to help Depp detox in the Bahamas, where he has an island. Twice Depp expressed his desire not to proceed. Kipper texted him by saying “Stop firing me. I know what I am doing.”

Depp-Heard trial

On August 24, 2014, Depp wrote “Forgot to tell you had a hopefully very positive and free of ego squawk with Amber last night that went very well.. and then I shot a few negroes in a club on Sunset Boulevard”.

In a text on August 24, 2014, Depp wrote a message saying “Forgot to tell you had a hopefully very positive and free of ego squawk with Amber Heard last night that went very well, and then I shot a few negroes in a club on Sunset Boulevard”. Kipper said in the deposition that “so that may have been an attempt at humor.”

Depp’s nurse Debra Lloyd said that Depp had punched a whiteboard in the kitchen after a fight and another in which he kicked in a door on a film set because he was agitated with the director.

Kipper said that he never saw any violence between Johnny Depp and Heard. He also told that in March 2015, when they were in Australia, Depp reached out to Kipper and complained about Heard that She is as full of sh** as a Christmas goose.

Depp called her a malicious evil and vindictive c***. Depp texted. that she is so desperate for success and fame, That is probably why I was acquired. He also informed Kipper that he cut the top of my middle finger. What should I do? Go to the hospital? I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her.

Kipper said that he went to see Depp at the Australia rental house which was a mess. There were things that had been thrown around. He said that they went to the hospital, and Depp was referred to a hand surgeon.

Kipper warned him on March 15 that he would withdraw his care if he did not comply with the drug treatment plan as he had to be stable for surgery. Depp then promised kipper that he would comply.

In June, Depp sent a note to Kipper saying My deformed finger and I have no friends!!! By the way, Amber and I have been absolutely perfect for three f***ing months. I have locked my monster child away in a cage within and it has f***ing worked. We are goddam best friends now.

Kipper said that there was concern that Depp was taking more Xanax than he should have been as well as the impact that phone calls between Depp and Heard would have on his behavior.

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