Defy Me Parents Guide | Defy Me Age Rating
Defy Me Parents Guide | Defy Me Age Rating

Defy Me Parents Guide

Defy Me is a young adult dystopian thriller written by Tahereh Mafi, published by Harper Collins Publishers on April 2, 2019. The Defy Me is the fifth of a Shatter Me series of six books and the books are:

1. Shatter Me, 2. Unravel Me, 3. Ignite Me, 4. Restore Me, 5. Defy Me, and 6. Imagine Me

Juliette’s short tenure as the supreme commander of North America has been an utter tragedy. When the children of the other leaders show up on her doorstep, she needed Warner for support and guidance. But he breaks her heart when he reveals that he’s been keeping secrets about her family and her identity from her—secrets that change everything.

Juliette is devastated, and the darkness that’s always resided within her intimidate to consume her. An explosive encounter with unexpected visitors might be enough to push her over the edge.

Defy Me Age Rating

Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi is age-rated for the ages 14+. The content in this book may be inappropriate for the age group under 14 as it contains high Violence and sexual content.

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Defy Me Parents Guide | Defy Me Age Rating | 2019
Defy Me Parents Guide | Defy Me Age Rating | 2019

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Book Name Defy Me
Author Tahareh Mafi
Genre Fantasy
preceded by Restore me
Recommended Age Rating 14+
Followed by: Imagine Me
 Date of Publication 2nd April 2019
No. of Page 357
Publisher Harper Collins Publication


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Defy Me Parents Guide 

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It includes sexual content that is not suitable for kids.
There are some frequent bloodshed scenes in the story, violence is included in it.
There might be strong language in it.
The content in this account is a perfect fit for the age group of 13 and up as the book is all about fantasy that mature will find interesting.
Alcohol is encountered in this book.


Defy Me  Summary

Juliette is hysterical after the loss of her friends, and when her parents try to talk to her about everything, she keeps asking about Warner and Emmaline. Instead, her mother, Evie, tortured her to erase her memory. At the end of the torture, she still remembers her life as Juliette, but also remembers herself as Ella.

Warner kept in the dark cell for two weeks, being fed poisoned bread made to muddle his thoughts, but he quickly realizes that how long can he survive without food. Kenji is surviving in the miserable asylum, he got attacked by someone in his room, he gets knocked out by a syringe. The next thing he knows is he wakes up and found Nazeera talking to Anderson in the cockpit. Anderson walks out, and Nazeera sets Kenji free, saying that she had to be tracking Anderson.

Juliette is constantly watched by Evie, she thinks back to her life as a prisoner in Warner’s base and made a plan to pretend to have lost her memory in order to get Evie and Max, Ella’s father to trust her so that she can escape. While Evie is out of the room, Ella hears a voice in her head, which tells her to run, she realized that it must be Emmaline is communicating with her, and it is Emmaline who helped to escape Ella she brings her back to the lab where Emmaline is being held captive.

She has been tortured so badly that now her body is breaking down while her mind has been getting stronger, but Emmaline tried her best to transfer her memories to Ella Emmaline is so strong mentally that Evie and Max could never find a serum that would work on her mind to erase them out of it.

shortly Evie shows up wielding a gun and yelling hysterically but now Ella got has her powers back she killed Evie badly. and She escaped with the help of Kenji and promised Emmaline that she will come back for her.

Warner is thinking of his escape, but the doors are unlocked and his father comes to him and told that Juilliet is dead. He became emotionless and attacked his father and escaped from the place but soon got trapped. Next thing Warner knows he is waking up on the operating table and comes to know that his father got the ability to heal by the twins.

Anderson comes to know that Evie is dead. At the same time Nazeera, who is invisible, tells Warner that she will meet him outside. After a moment’s conversation, they make their way to the plane. They went to plan where Warner and Ella catch up called Warner by his first name Aaron because she remembers everything and thinks it’s only fair.

Suddenly, the plane’s engines are shot out, and with help of Nazeera’s power they land in a sector and are immediately surrounded by people–two of them come out of the crowd, and one of them is Castle. The other is his daughter Nouria.

They welcome the group to The Sanctuary, the group is taken to their quarters, and Ella and Aaron have a lovely time together, and Aaron proposes to Ella of course she says yes. And it’s Aaron’s birthday and Ella tried her best to make the day to be celebrated, to undo all the pain his father brought to him by his lashing in all the years past.

Defy Me Characters

  • Juilliet: a scared, traumatized 17-year-old girl, having been abused, locked away, and made to feel like a monster her entire life.
  • Aaron Warner: 19-year-old leader of Sector 45 in the Reestablishment; shown as a very cold and manipulative person.
  • Adam Kent: A soldier in the army, 18 years old, He is known as a handsome man with blue eyes, tattoos, and dark brown hair.
  • Kenji Kishimoto: A 20-year-old soldier in Warner’s army who is friends with Adam
  • James Kent: Adam’s 10-year-old younger brother. He is extremely mature for his age.
  • Castle: Leader of the Rebellion (Omega Point).
  • Eve Sommers: Supreme commander of Oceania.
  • Max: Eve’s husband
  • Nazeera: another girl with special powers.

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