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criminal mind
The TV Series criminal minds, created by an American police procedural crime drama television series created by Jeff Davis. In fact, the TV Series, criminal minds is an American Police procedural, Thriller, Crime Drama, Action, Mystery genre TV Series produced by The Mark Gordon CompanyEntertainment One Touchstone Television (seasons 1–2) ABC Studios (seasons 3–15), Paramount Network Television (season 1) CBS Paramount Network Television (seasons 2–4) CBS Television Studios (seasons 5–15). Moreover.
the TV Series is Distributed by CBS Television Distribution (U.S.), Buena Vista Television (2005–07)Disney–ABC Domestic Television Disney Media Distribution. Read more about the TV Series, criminal minds age Rating, and parental guides for kids.

The Series, criminal minds Official Poster, and Details

Criminal Mind Age Rating 2020 - TV Show official Poster Netflix Images and Wallpapers
Criminal Mind age rating tv show

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TV Series Name – Criminal Minds

GenrePolice procedural, Thriller, Crime Drama, Action, Mystery

CreatorJeff Davis

Age Rating –  16+

Release Date – September 22, 2005 – February 19, 2020

Seasons-  15

Episodes- 224

Runtime – 42 mins


Criminal Mind TV Series Overview

season 1

The BAU campaign to New York City to investigate an alternation of murders that arise to accept been committed by a vigilante who is burdensome animus on added abyss who accept been appeared by the amends system. … A consecutive analgesic eludes Gideon and the BAU by alteration his actualization like a chameleon.

season 2 

When two women are beginning asleep in St. Louis, Missouri, the BAU searches for two consecutive killers who are attempting to beat the anniversary other. … Investigating an alternation of murders in Golconda, Nevada, the BAU charge acquisition out both why an abstruse man (Keith Carradine) keeps advancing aback every year and area his latest victims are.

season 3

The BAU is alleged to Montana to investigate the case of three abducted and murdered women. When an additional woman disappears, the chase leads to a man who has allegedly affected the character of his accomplice who committed suicide.

season 4

When three Orange County, California women are gunned down, the BAU sets out to bolt an aged bacchanalia analgesic afore he can bang again. … While investigating an alternation of acutely different murders in Cleveland, Ohio, the BAU determines a copycat analgesic is recreating annihilation techniques acclimated by accomplished consecutive killers.

season 5

When a Louisville, Kentucky man suffers a certifiable breach and stabs several bodies at a pharmacy, the BAU juggles putting calm a contour and alive with bounded authorities to clue him down. Meanwhile, Hotch continues convalescent from Foyet’s advance and Prentiss notices an advancing change in his behavior.

season 6

The BAU is alleged to apprehend an analgesic who has addled Detroit for the accomplished three years during Devil’s Night, the belled pre-Halloween celebration. The BAU is alleged to Indiana to advise bolt a consecutive analgesic who is targeting alien dancers and abrogating their bodies in cornfields.

season 7

The associates of the BAU are alone questioned by a Senate Committee for their castigating accomplishments afterward the affected afterlife and dematerialization of Emily Prentiss. The BAU is alleged to rural Oklahoma back a consecutive analgesic begins disturbing and murdering an assertive blazon of women

season 8

When Reid discovers that his adherent has been abducted by her stalker, he and the BAU bandage calm to acquisition and accomplishment her afore it is too late. While Reid copes with an accident in his claimed life, the blow of the BAU campaign to San Francisco to investigate a consecutive analgesic alive in the Mission District

season 9

After an alternation of victims is begin deadened to the afterlife in Boston, the BAU looks for a consecutive analgesic who brand to accumulate mementos of the victims, and the aggregation wonders if an accepted articulation to the casualties could advance them to the culprit. Meanwhile, the BAU rallies about Rossi back his admired bar is on the border of closing

season 10

When an online celebrity is beginning asleep in Bethesda, Maryland, the BAU attempts to contour a consecutive analgesic who has taken on the persona of a burghal fable and uses amusing media to acquisition his victims. Meanwhile, Morgan juggles his career and his accord with Savannah.

season 11

The BAU launches an acute manhunt in Los Angeles for a bacchanalia analgesic afterwards the aggregation discovers aegis footage that shows the unsub actuality arrive into the homes of abeyant victims. When Morgan is abducted, the BAU scrambles to acquisition him and save his life

season 12

Agent Luke Alvez joins the BAU aggregation as they are tasked with capturing a consecutive analgesic in Tempe, Arizona, who able from bastille with twelve added convicts. Arriving home afterward an adolescent abduction case in Los Angeles, aching memories resurface for an annoyed JJ, who breaks bottomward and recounts the adventure to her husband.

season 13

The BAU campaign to Austin, Texas to chase for an unsub that is hunting bottomward awful admired association members. The BAU campaign to Miami to stop an unsub who gives footage of his crimes to the media. The BAU campaign to Roswell, New Mexico to acquisition an unsub who dead two bodies acceptance to the aforementioned cabal group.

season 14

Season 14 begins with the series’ 300th episode, absolutely a do-not-miss installment! Last division concluded with a showdown accident at the FBI parking garage: Garcia is actually captivated in the backseat of a car and Reid is adverse off with our credible UnSub, Agent Mary Meadows.

season 15

Following an atomic contiguous appointment with “The Chameleon,” Reid suffers from an academician abrasion and, while experiencing hallucinations, is visited by ghosts from his past. The BAU makes an abominable analysis of Lynch that affects Rossi personally. The absolute aggregation comes calm to bless Rossi’s retirement.


What are criminal minds Age Ratings?




BBFC – 15+


CommonSenseMedia – 16+

Details of Parental Guidance for criminal minds

The TV Series, criminal minds Age rating, is 16+

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  CMS(Common sense media), BBFC(British Board of Film Classification). The board can decide who can watch the TV Series and TV shows. Here, for criminal minds,  it is rated 16+ for the contents shown in the TV Series. Including brutal violence, sexual references, and drug trade, throughout the Series. Notably, the 16+ rating suggests that children under the age of 16 are restricted to watch the Series. If you have watched the TV Series, please provide the comments and thus help other kids/parents with the age rating and its contents.

criminal minds 2020 rating 15 in the United Kingdom and TV-14 in the United States and overseas. In addition, it is rated TV-14 in Canada, MA15+ in Australia, and 18 in France. Other ratings include R16 in New Zealand, 15 in South Korea, 13 in Spain, and 12 in the Netherlands. Also, 15 in Norway. This includes the age rating of criminal minds in the US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, etc…

Explained Why Criminal Mind Received 16+ Age Rating

  • Sexual references
  • no nudity
  • Kissing scenes
  • explicit love scenes
  • Blood contents
  • stabbings on neck
  • Part of brain matter spilled out
  • head chopped off
  • face lacerated
  • hard combat fights
  • gunshots
  • car crash
  • people threw out of glass doors
  • People were beaten to death
  • Severe curse words
  • drinking
  • Cigarette smoking
  • We will update more details very sooner

Eventually, these are the reasons for the 16+ rating for the TV Series Criminal Mind.

Criminal Mind Release date

The TV Series, Criminal Mind release date is September 22, 2005 – February 19, 2020.

What is Criminal Mind Runtime

TV Seriescriminal minds , with total 224 episodes from 15 seasons. Each episodes takes 42 minutes.

  • Criminal Mind Age Rating – Wallpapers and Images

Criminal Mind Age Rating 2020 - TV Show Netflix Poster Images and Wallpapers
Criminal Mind Age Rating 2020 – TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers

Official Trailer of Criminal Mind tv Series


Summary Of Criminal Mind Cast

The TV Series casting includes Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A. J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, and others. In this Series, Mandy Patinkin plays the role of Jason Gideon  While Thomas Gibson features Aaron Hotchner And, Lola Glaudini, who comes as Elle Greenaway. Furthermore, Shemar Moore stars as Derek Morgan.

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