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The Signal (2024-)

The Signal Parents Guide: The Signal is a 2024 drama and mystery Netflix Series directed by Sebastian Hilger and Philipp Leinemann and written by Florian David Fitz, Nadine Gottmann, Sebastian Hilger, and Kim Zimmermann. It is produced by Christian Springer, Karim Debbagh, Amir Hamz, Fahri Yardim, Johannes Jancke, and Tobias Pollok. If you are worried […]

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Tell No Lies (2024)

Tell No Lies Parents Guide: Tell No Lies is a 2024 Drama, Mystery, and Thriller film directed by Dylan Vox and written by Sandra Bailey. It stars Nick Biadon, Adam Bond, and Lachele Carl. It is inspired by American Nightmare. It is produced by Rick Benattar and Nigel Thomas, co-produced by Patricia Rybarczyk Sacha Bennett, […]

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Chapel (2024)

Chapel Parents Guide: Chapel is a 2024 Mystery and Thriller film directed by Courtney Paige and written by Courtney Paige and J.R. Reher. It stars Pardis Saremi, Lochlyn Munro, and Taryn Manning. It is executive produced by Ying Yem, Carol Anne Watts, Jessica Skube, Gabe Shapiro, Chelsea Knipp, Rick Licht, Kenn Henman, Madison Bontempo, Tomy […]

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Sleeping Dogs (2024)

Sleeping Dogs Parents Guide: Sleeping Dogs is a 2024 Crime, Mystery, and Thriller film directed by Adam Cooper and written by E.O. Chirovici, Bill Collage, and Adam Cooper. It stars Karen Gillan, Russell Crowe, and Marton Csokas in the lead role. It is produced by Bill Collage, Adam Cooper, Mark Fasano, Deborah Glover, Arun Kumar, […]

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Apples Never Fall (2024)

Apples Never Fall Parents Guide: Apples Never Fall is a 2024 Mystery TV Series directed by Chris Sweeney and written by Liane Moriarty, Melanie Marnich, Lijah Barasz, Joe Hortua, Kimi Lee, and Gianna Sobol. It is executive-produced by Melanie Marnich, Liane Moriarty, Albert Page, Jillian Share, and Chris Sweeney and co-executive-produced by Dan Kaplow. The […]

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3 Body Problem (2024)

3 Body Problem Parents Guide: 3 Body Problem is a 2024 Adventure, Drama, and Fantasy TV Netflix Series directed by Minkie Spiro and Derek Tsang and co–produced by Rose Cartwright and Derek Tsang. It is executive produced by Nena Rodrigue, Jilong Cedric Zhao, Alexander Woo, Robie Uniacke, Lin Qi, Bernadette Caulfield, Ram Bergman, D.B. Weiss, […]

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The Private Eye (2024)

The Private Eye Parents Guide: The Private Eye is a Comedy, Mystery, and Romance TV Series directed by Jack Cook and written by Hope Ayiyi, Rosalinda Books, Jack Cook, and Patrick Roe. It is executive produced by Stan P. Paris, Joe Hebeler, Tim Dougherty, and Mark W. Berry and associated with Elijah Boothe and James […]

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The Bequeathed (2024)

The Bequeathed Parents Guide: The Bequeathed is a 2024 Crime Action and Mystery Netflix TV Series directed by Min Hong–nam and written and executive produced by Yeon Sang–ho based on the webtoon of the same name by Kang Tae–Kyung. If your kid likes to watch series, then you should go for the article, as this […]

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American Nightmare (2024)

American Nightmare Parents Guide: American Nightmare is a Documentary Crime Netflix TV series Mystery Directed by Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins. In this article, you will get information about the American Nightmare Parents Guide, American Nightmare Age Ratings, and other details about American Nightmare. Title American Nightmare Genre Documentary, Crime, and Mystery Director Felicity Morris […]