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Coming Out Colton Parents Guide

Coming Out Colton is an upcoming American reality unscripted television series. The series will consist of six episodes and stars Colton Underwood. The Series will follow former The Bachelor contestant and professional football player Colton Underwood as he comes out to his family and friends while finding himself.

The original title of the series is Untitled Colton Underwood/Netflix Project. The production company is Netflix Studios. 

Coming Out Colton Age Rating

Coming Out Colton rated TV-MA Netflix for Mild Nudity, Sexual References, and Language Throughout.

Program-rated TV-MA is intended to be viewed by an audience of the age of 17 and up, and may contain material that is not suitable for young children.

TV-Series Coming Out Colton Release date

TV-Series Coming Out Colton is scheduled to be released on 03 December 2021 on Netflix.

Official Poster and Details

Coming Out Colton

Coming Out Colton Parents Guide | 2021 Show Age Rating
Coming Out Colton Parents Guide | 2021 Show Age Rating

Series Name Coming Out Colton
Genre Reality-TV
Age Rating 18+ (Netflix)
Season 01
Episodes 06
Release date 03 December 2021 (Netflix)
Starred by Colton Underwood
Official Website Netflix

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Coming Out Colton

TV-Show Coming Out Colton is rated 18+ by Netflix.

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