Christian Parents Guide to Movie wallpaper and images
Christian Parents Guide to Movie wallpaper and images

Christian Parents Guide to Movie- I found these websites interesting that not one of these websites will give you a definitive “do not watch” or “definitely watch” at the end of the review.

Most of these websites use headings and organize the posts so you can quickly scan for the content that matters most, such as sexual content, profanity, violence, or nudity and age rating.

Movie Review Sites for Christian Parents

  • Plugged In- This is one of the best review site to check in on. We can check videos out for ourselves using this site. It never fails to disappoint us with accuracy or detail, the writers at Focus on the Family really do a great job.
  • Common Sense Media- Like Plugged In, Common Sense Media is incredibly provides independent reviews based upon age, ratings, and other pertinent information. This site was started to help parents navigate the digital age and protect their children from the unknown effects.
  • Dove- Dove had their own movie review system. But, they’ve got a pretty good thing going here. I don’t find that it’s as detailed as some of the others here, but it could definitely get the job done if you need just a little snippet of information.
  • Raising Children- While this one is not Christian based, and not as detailed in the information, it does cover its bases so we’ll still list it as a good option for movie review sites for parents. (Source- Google)

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