Blush Blush Characters | 2019 Video Game
Blush Blush Characters | 2019 Video Game

Blush Blush Characters: Blush Blush is a dating tossed with a previous game. This game features a love story of light nature in which the player is supposed to rescue some attractive boys.

In Blush Blush, it is portrayed that the boys are looking for someone so that they can rescue them as they are cursed by an evil spell. This game is easy in nature and does not require that much effort.

Blush Blush Characters

In the article below, we have given you a list of Blush Blush Characters along with their voice cast:

  • Daniel Acosta as Volks (voice)
  • Christopher Burns as Stirling (voice)
  • Delton Engle-Sorrell as Cashew
  • Calvin Joyal as Poe
  • Michael Kovach as Eli / Ichiban (voice)
  • Morgan Long as QBae (voice)
  • Connor Ludovice as Garret (voice)
  • Alec Miller as Nimh (voice)
  • Jonathan Ostonal as Kelby (voice)
  • Sean Posvistok as Anon (voice)
  • Alejandro Saab as Cole
  • Nina Sumter as Scale (voice)
  • James Tijidor as Dmitri (voice)
  • Joshua Waters as Scale (voice)
  • Cecil Winters as Sven
  • Skyler Yuda a Myx (voice)

The Genres of Blush Blush are Comedy and Romance. This game was originally released on April 4, 2019, and the country of origin was Canada. Blush Blush was developed by Sad Panda Studios.

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