Bee Movie Script: Bee Movie is an American computer-animated comedy movie that was released on November 2, 2007 (United States). Bee Movie was directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner. Bee Movie is rated PG for the content shown in the movie.

Bee Movie Script

Talking about “Bee Movie Script”. The movie follows a bee named Barry B. Benson. He was recently graduated from college and is about to start her new working life. Barry is quite sad about his career choice as she knows that now she has to stick to this work for hIS entire life. He joins a group that works on the pollination of flowers. In this line, he can explore the world around him.

Once he was working in Manhattan, he was saved by a human named Vanessa Bloome (Renee Zellweger) from danger. Barry wanted to thank Vanessa so he breaks the Bee Law in which it is mentioned that Bees can not interact with humans.

Barry and Vanessa become friends and Barry got to know that humans exploit bees and sell the honey produced by bees. After seeing this harsh truth, Barry decided to take revenge on humans as he was not aware of the consequences associated with it.

Bee Movie is produced by Jerry Seinfeld, Christina Steinberg, and Cameron Stevning. It is officially distributed by Paramount Pictures with the production companies DreamWorks Animation and Columbus 81 Productions.

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