South of Hope Street Parents Guide: Age Rating
South of Hope Street Parents Guide: Age Rating Credit: ward9productions

South of Hope Street is a sci-fi film written and directed by Jane Spencer.

The film is set in 2038 and follows the story of a woman named Denise who must find hope in a dystopian world.

TitleSouth of Hope Street
DirectorJane Spencer
Release DateApril 18, 2024
Runtime1h 35m
DistributorBuffalo 8 Productions
South of Hope Street Parents Guide


In the year 2038, Earth faces a cosmic shift and enters a strange new universe. To maintain the status quo, people build a massive wall and wage wars.

In this dystopian world, Denise struggles to hold onto hope for the future, encouraged by Tom, a caretaker who promises a coming renaissance.

‘South of Hope Street’ is a speculative sci-fi film exploring existential concerns and the search for meaning in an increasingly absurd world.

Who is in the cast?

Michael MadsenBenjamin
Judd NelsonTom
William BaldwinDaniel
Gianin LofflerPatrick
Craig ConwayWes
Jack McEvoyThe Time Traveller
Asser YassinTarak
Meredith OstromArnbjorg
Klemens Niklaus TrenkleWendell
Pascal UlliBruce
Tanna FrederickDenise
Elana KrauszPhoebe
Barry O’RourkeAnton Smart
Wendy ThomasTeresa
Angelo BoffaEduardo
Alec RosenthalAdrian
Judy TomaMeredith
Silvan BuessGianni

South of Hope Street Parents Guide: Age Rating

Parents should check the South of Hope Street Parents Guide and ratings from organizations like the MPA or BBFC before watching movies or series with their children.

These guides highlight objectionable content, helping parents make informed decisions about suitability.

It ensures children are exposed to content aligning with family values, creating a better viewing experience.

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