Barbarians Review: Barbarians is a thriller movie releasing on April 1st, 2022 (United States). Barbarians is directed by Charles Dorfman and produced by Laurie Cook, Charles Dorfman, and Jason Newmark.

Barbarians Synopsis

The movie is set around the dinner party of four friends who are seen enjoying and celebrating the birthday of one of the friends. They were having a good time, but as the night proceeds everything changes. They started to experience something fishy around them as some unsettling events started taking place.

Barbarians Review

Barbarians is indeed a tricky film as it contains a story that is consistently evolving because of the revelation that continues to take place throughout the entire movie. It can be said that it is focused on a couple named Adam and Eva.

The main problem with Barbarians is that the characters in the movie never feel completely rounded and defined. There is always some sort of confusion. Creating confusion might be a way to keep the audience hooked. However, we must say this trick sometimes feels too much as there is no clarity.

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The Cinematography of Barbarians is done by Charlie Herranz and edited by Tommy Boulding. This movie has a total running time of 1Hour, 29Minutes and it is officially distributed by IFC Films.

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