Ascendant (2021)

Ascendant Parents Guide

Ascendant is an Australian fantasy thriller film written and directed by Antaine Furlong and produced by Drew Bailey, James M. Vernon, Kristy Vernon.

The film is distributed by Maslow Entertainment, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Gravel Road Distribution Group, Vortex Media. However, the production company is Day Dream Films.

Ascendant Age Rating

The Movie Ascendant is rated 15 for strong threat, violence, injury detail, language, sexual threat.

15 – Some shown content in the film may be inappropriate for children under the age of 15.

Ascendant Parents Guide

Ascendant Includes

The film contains implied depictions of torture, including removals of a people’s ears and fingers.
Strong Profanity, use of the words, “f**k”, as well as “di*k”, “h*ll” and “sh*t”.
A character is tortured heavily throughout the whole film as a woman is trapped inside causing herself to hurt.
Decapitation torture sequences occur with associated blood detail.
The main character watches her father being tortured in a live stream, very disturbing.
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Ascendant Release date

The movie Ascendant is scheduled to be released on 10 August 2021.

Official Poster and Details


Ascendant Parents Guide
Ascendant Parents Guide

Movie Name Ascendant
Genre Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller
Age Rating 15
Release date 10 August 2021
Runtime 1h 42min
Director Antaine Furlong
Official Website Samuelgoldwynfilms

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Ascendant is rated 15.

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