Article 72 Halo Halo TV Show 2022 Article 72
Article 72 Halo Halo TV Show 2022 Article 72

Article 72 Halo: The series is based on the popular video game Halo franchise. The science fiction series, developed for television by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, takes place in the 26th Century and focuses on the many facets of the Human-Covenant conflict.

Nobody can save humanity alone-not even the Master Chief. Meet the heroes who will risk losing everything to come together and protect humankind. Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Article 72 Halo | Halo TV Series

Article 72 Halo means quietly and discreetly terminate (In UNSC- United Nations Space Command). In the series, humanity has colonized many planets in the Outer World. These colonies are primarily under the purview of the UNSC. The UNSC resorts to Article 72 in a demonstration of its political agendas. When does the Halo show take place: The Halo TV series is bringing the war with the Covenant to Paramout+.

The UNSC stands for United Nations Space Command. UNSC is primarily a military organization that works under the United Earth Government (UEG).

Article 72 Halo Halo TV Show 2022 Article 72
Article 72 Halo Halo TV Show 2022 Article 72

With its military and space exploration activities, UNSC also focuses on scientific advancements. The UNSC is led by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey and in that organization, they create highly efficient super soldiers with advanced skills. In the first episode of the series, the UNSC’s Silver Team is led by Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

What is Article 72 in Halo?

(Spoiler Ahead) In the first episode, the Silver Team of Spartans led by Master Chief fights an alien invasion on the Planet Madrigal. In the fighting, most of the population is killed but Master Chief takes a teenage girl into custody named Kwan Ha. He sends her to Planet Reach on his ship. While they were on the way UNSC Officer Miranda Keyes talks with Kwan via hologram.

Keyes asks Kwan about the sole survivor of a military exercise of the UNSC and asks her to publically support the organization’s actions. But Kwan denied doing the same as she does not trust the UNSC. She then demands complete independence for her home planet in exchange for speaking in the UNSC’s favor. The UNSC does not agrees with Kwan’s wishes and cites Article 72.

Article 72 allows the UNSC to execute Kwan in favor of the organization’s political interest. In the end, Master Chief saves Kwan, and the two flee away from the UNSC.

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