Aftermath Review For Kids

Aftermath is currently streaming on Netflix. But don’t get confused! We’re talking about the 2021 film Aftermath, not to be confused with Keira Knightley’s The Aftermath (2018) or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s drama thriller Aftermath (2017).

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Is Aftermath a true story?

The story comes from real-life couple Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, who had to go through events similar to the movie.

The couple bought a home in San Diego, California, in late 2011. The couple stopped receiving their mail, were signed up to $1,000 of magazine subscriptions, and had Valentine’s cards with Rice’s name sent to other women on their street.

Shortly after, they received a strange note trying to buy property. The events took a turn for the worse when their new home was re-listed for sale on a real estate website, and soon enough, they were bombarded with magazines for which they didn’t subscribe (like in the film).

Aftermath 2021 Trailer

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Why Aftermath 2021 Rated 18+?

The Netflix rating has been assigned for “a scene of sex and sexual abuse” however our evaluation includes a sex scene with upper part male and female nudity and several hugs and brief kissing, a stabbing that leaves one man dead, several arguments, sexual content, violence & strong language.

Sex and Nudity
  • A brief kissing scene between a couple they were about to make out but the man then stops as he started thinking about the man to whom his wife had cheated on him.
  • In another scene where the couple is seen making out the upper part male and female nudity is shown. Some part of the female breast is shown from the side view,  she moans and they kiss many times.
  • The main character’s car is burned by someone.
  • A man attempts to rape a woman but she manages to break free of her and stabs the man with a pair of scissors.
  • A dog was poisoned by someone.
  • Massive Blood content.
  • A female is threatened by some mysterious shadow in her house.
  • There are many scenes where the woman was threatened by someone.
  • Dead bodies in disturbing conditions.
  • Strong language, use of profanity.
Substance use
  • People are seen drinking alcohol in more than one scene.
Aftermath 2021, Wallpaper, Images, and Posters, dark horror image with alone girl in house
Aftermath 2021

Aftermath all details and complete parents guide.

Aftermath 2021 Film Plot

Starring Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore, the film tells the story of a young couple who move into a

The movie follows a young couple, after getting tired of their messed-up life move into a lavish house with a dark past, they got for a steal after an apparent murder-suicide recently took place there.

Everything starts to get out of control as they begin seeing their house listed on real estate websites, start receiving magazines they never subscribed for, and are stalked by dark presences.

The victims were Erin and her husband Jay who designed the house,  After the brutal death, Jay’s sister, Claudia sells the house to Kevin and Natalie. However, the house’s bloody past is far darker than they initially believe and it’s not long before the new occupants uncover its hidden secret.

Something’s obviously out to get them, be it demonic spirits or an evil landlord.

Aftermath Review For Kids (2021 Film) Aftermath 2021, Wallpaper, Images, and Posters, dark horror image with alone girl in house
Aftermath 2021, Wallpaper, Images, and Posters

Aftermath Ending

As soon as the couple moves into the house, Natalie hears noises during the night and is convinced that they’re not alone.

Their dog, Odi, barks at a seemingly empty closet while objects mysteriously move around the house.

Meanwhile, Kevin is troubled by more physical matters such as receiving a magazine subscription he didn’t sign up for and having his car burnt out by vandals.

Matters take a more serious note when Natalie’s sister goes missing, the couple’s dog is poisoned and has to be put down and it’s later revealed that Kevin has been ingesting the same poison too and fingers start being pointed at Natalie.

However, she is absolved of blame when a stranger arrives at the house and throws himself at her which prompts Natalie and Kevin to go to the police.

While at the station, it’s revealed that the police already have a suspect in custody as an online ad related to the stranger was traced back to Robert Sorrentino, the husband of Claudia, who was very disappointed to see the house get sold earlier on.  Robert was found out and arrested by the police.

For Natalie and Kevin, that seems to be the end of that. But not for long.

While Kevin spends an evening with his young study partner, Natalie is attacked back at the house and is held captive in a secret basement room.

She’s confronted by a thin, pale man named Otto and it’s revealed that he was actually the former lover of Erin, the woman who designed the house.

Without her husband’s knowledge, Erin has built a secret room for Otto so that they could continue their love affair.

However, Erin remained with her husband which eventually drove Otto to murder both Erin and her husband, which is the apparent murder-suicide we see at the start of the film.

The twist also confirms that it was Otto who was responsible for Dani’s disappearance and the poisonings of Odi the dog and Kevin. Thankfully, Natalie manages to break free of her constraints and stabs Otto with a pair of scissors.

Where to watch the 2021 film Aftermath?

Aftermath is currently streaming on Netflix. But don’t get confused! We’re talking about the 2021 film Aftermath, not to be confused with Keira Knightley’s period piece The Aftermath (2018) or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s drama thriller Aftermath (2017).

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