Zombies 3 Release date is revealed
Zombies 3 Release date is revealed

Disney+ has finally announced the release date for the long-awaited third installment of the movie. The news of the Zombies 3  release date comes with new casting stars Milo Mannheim and Meg Donnelly.

The franchise is going to unfamiliar new places with the introduction of aliens in the bizarre musical world of zombies, cheerleaders, and werewolves.

Zombies 3 is going to premiere on Disney+ on July 15, but a special edition with new scenes and a new track will debut on Disney Channel on August 12.

‘Zombies 3’ Staring Meg Donnelly and Milo Mannheim

DGA Award-winner and franchise director Paul Hoen are back, continuing the story of Zed and Addison as they enter their senior year of high school at Seabrook High. The once human-exclusive town of Seabrook has become a safe and melting pot for humans as well as for monsters.

Zed hopes to make history as the first zombie to ever attend college with the help of an athletic scholarship. Zombies 3 stars Chandler Kinney, Ariel Martin, Pearce Joza, Carla Jeffery, Trevor Tordjman, Kylee Russell, Terry Hu, Matt Cornett, Kyra Tantao, James Godfrey, and Kingston Foster.

RuPaul Charles will provide the voice of the alien Mothership. He will bring some serious stuff to the film. Zombies 3 is expected to be released on Disney+ on July 15.

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