You Won’t Be Alone Cast: You Won’t Be Alone is a horror movie directed by Goran Stolevski and produced by Kristina Ceyton and Sam Jennings. It is releasing on 1st April 2022 (United States).

You Won’t Be Alone is rated R for the content shown in the movie.

You Won’t Be Alone Cast

  • Alice Englert as Biliana
  • Anastasija Karanovich as Young Biliana
  • Sofija Jeremić as Biliana’s Mother
  • Daniel Kovacević as Biliana’s Father
  • Senka Kolozova as Biliana’s Grandmother
  • Jelena Velkovski as Biliana’s Sister-in-Law
  • Félix Maritaud as Yovan
  • Danilo Savić as Young Yovan
  • Carloto Cotta as Boris
  • Milena Nikolić as Boris’ Wife
  • Branislav Cubrilo as Boris’ Father
  • Noomi Rapace as Bosilka
  • Jasmina Avramović as Bosilka’s Mother-in-Law
  • Arta Dobroshi as Stamena
  • Artan Sadiku as Stamena’s Husband
  • Predrag Vasić as Groom
  • Verica Nedeska as Groom’s Mother
  • Nikola Marković as Groom’s Father
  • Mladen Vuković as Stoyan
  • Djordje Zivadinović Grgur as Young Stoyan
  • Djordje Misina as Miroslav
  • Irena Ristić as Elica
  • Kamka Toćinovski as Yoana
  • Viktorija Jakovljević as Little Girl
  • Marija Opsenica as Ur-Witch
  • Miloš Pantić as Dusan
  • Teodor Vinćić as Vladimir
  • Amini Cishugi as Himself
  • Veselina Mihajlović as Midwife
  • Djordje Koćić as Woodcutter

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The Cinematography of You Won’t Be Alone is done by Matthew and it was edited by Luca Chuang. This movie has a total running time of 108 Minutes and it is officially distributed by Focus Features.

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