Wrath of Man age rating 2021, Parental Guidance | Age Rating JUJU
Wrath of Man age rating 2021, Parental Guidance | Age Rating JUJU

Wrath of Man Age Rating

Know about the movie, Wrath of Man Age Rating, Wrath of Man runtime of the 2021 movie. Why received Wrath of Man this age rating? Read the complete information here. ​The movie age rating in the US, Singapore, Australia, and overseas. Wrath of Man MPAA rating. Find about the Wrath of Man release date.

Wrath of Man director and production

The American action thriller film Wrath of Man is based on the 2004 French film Cash Truck by Nicolas Boukhrief and directed by American filmmaker Guy Ritchie, produced by Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, Bill Block Production companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Miramaxand and worldwide distributed by United Artists Releasing (United States) Lionsgate (United Kingdom).

Wrath of Man Poster and Details

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Wrath of Man age rating 2021, Parental Guidance | Age Rating JUJUNote! If you already watched the movie, please inform us about the parental guidance here with your support, we can bring out a better vision to everyone.

Movie Name – Wrath of Man

Genre – Action, Thriller

Age Rating –R

Release Date – 7 May 2021

Runtime 2hours

Disney official website–  wrothofman


Wrath Of Man Age Rating

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC, and commons sense. The board provides the information of the content shown in the movies so that you can decide that the movie is appropriate for your children or not. Wrath of Man rated R for the contents shown in the movie. Including violence and Brief language throughout.

If you have watched the movie, please provide the comments and thus help other kids/parents with the age rating and its contents.

 The movie,Wrath of Man Age rating is R for strong violence throughout, pervasive language, and some sexual references.

Furthermore, Wrath of Man rated MA15+ for Australia for Singapore M18, finally, Wrath of Man rating in the  United States is R.

Wrath Of Man Parents Guide

  • Violence
  • Weapons
  • Gunshots
  • Brief language
  • Sexual Content

The R rating means no one under 17 is allowed to go into the cinema to watch the film without a parent or guardian.

Wrath Of Man Overview

It is an essentially straightforward revenge story starring Jason Statham as H and he’s a major player in the heist business and his criminal organization is planning a new job. They’re gonna hit one of Fotica Securities cash trucks, one of Asia’s goons gets involved in a traffic accident and H has to do some minor reconnaissance himself in order to spot whether the cash truck turns right or left.

H’s son druggie is visiting his father so He takes him to the recon spot and tells him to wait in the car while H pretends to order something from a food truck, this way h will spt which way the truck will turn. What he doesn’t know is that another crew is already about to take out this truck. One of the guards gets brave and a robber named Jan has to kill both guards after they see his face Dougie also sees Jan’s face and Jan can’t have that so he shoots Dougie as well.

H realizes something is fishy but he’s too late, Jan gave H two bullets as a parting gift. This is a relatively simple storyline, a heist crew is eying up a target while another crew hits the same target, definitely, a refreshing and coving take by the script for Wrath Of Man is based on a French movie and the writers of that surely deserve a lot of credit. Coming with a new angel to spice things up in a heist.

He applies for a job at Portico Security, he does this in order to find out the crew that killed his son. He’s hoping his truck gets robbed by the same crew so that he can seek his revenge. He prevented two robberies in the next few months. First, he causes destruction on the crew guided by Post Malone. H kills all of them then oddly his own crew hits H’s truck but they pledge out once they realize it’s H.

His hooligans thought he was away in London, they had no idea what he was doing. His secret identity and his goals keep the move interesting. Adding we see Jason Statham causing some fools. Later it travels back in time to see what happens to H’s son. Now we meet the crew that killed Dougie and there are a bunch of ex-military guys who steadily made their way to the cash truck, none of these manage to stand out except Jan. There was some good crosstalk and back story thrown in there.

They weren’t just random guys for H to kill, their big plan is to hit the Portico Security headquarters on black Friday when there will be upwards of 150 million dollars in cash. Their inside man is bullets who is suitably H’s partner, bullet diverts the cash truck and ambushes H in order to meet up with the robbers, and they explain the situation to H and they tell him to follow if he wants to live.

Brad Carlos Jan and Tom get in the truck and they speak into the Portico Security, while Sam and Jackson wait outside the four robbers get out of the truck to create damage, and they let Sam and Jackson in. Now H gets a getter of Carlos and puts on his armor and takes his gun. He starts hunting down the robbers, kills Sam, and crucially places a phone in one of the money bags. H takes out Tom after getting shot in the leg.

Bullet Jackson and Jan are the only ones able to get in the gateway truck and they leave the scene. Their plan is to enter a specific building’s parking garage. And escape through one of the tunnels while swat tries to break the building’s gate. Jan takes out both Bullet and Jackson and gets away with everything.  The raid on the Portico Security was exceptional, the armor and the helmets of the robbers were in fact a bit overwhelmed. 

Wrath of Man – Wallpapers and Image

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   Wrath of Man Official Trailer

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Summary of Wrath of Man Cast

Jason Statham as Harry, Holt McCallany as Bullet, Jeffrey Donovan, Josh Hartnett as Boy Sweat Dave, Laz Alonso as Carlos, Raúl Castillo as Sam, DeObia Oparei as Brad, Eddie Marsan as Terry, Scott Eastwood as Jan, Post Malone as Robber, Chris Reilly as Tom, Niamh Algar, Babs Olusanmokun as Moggy, Josh Cowdery as Hubbard.

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