Will Forte To Star In Pixar’s ‘Win Or Lose’ For Disney+
Will Forte To Star In Pixar’s ‘Win Or Lose’ For Disney+

The Last Man on Earth star Will Forte is ready to give his voice to Pixar’s first long-form series Win or Lose developing for Disney+.

Will Forte will be the voice of the character named Coach Dan in the series. Coach Dan follows a middle school softball team in the week leading up to their championship game.

Win Or Lose is written and directed by Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates and is produced by David Lally.

This film is a love comedy and will deal with love, rivalry, and challenges. Each episode will follow the story of one of the players, being told from their perspective.

Win Or Lose will be released in 2023. Pete Docte, the head of the Pixar studio said last year when the film was first announced “It’s not so much about softball as it is a comedy about love, rivalry, and the challenges we all face in our struggles to win at life,”.

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