Who does Viscount Bridgerton Marry- Viscount Bridgerton proposes to Kate and admits that he will never be able to stop thinking about her since the moment they met.

At first, Kate does not accept his proposal because of how it would affect her younger sister, Edwina.

Who does Viscount Bridgerton Marry

 Anthony Bridgerton decides that Edwina will make the perfect couple. He proposes to Edwina, despite the fact that he was not in love with her. Edwina happily accepts and appears to have very real feelings for Anthony.

All of these changes on Edwina’s wedding day. When Kate drops one of her bangles during the ceremony and Anthony rushes to pick it up, Edwina realizes that there are feelings between the two.

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Edwina decides not to go through with marrying Anthony. But Edwina impresses the Queen by calming down an ill King George.

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Viscount Bridgerton marries Kate. In the 2 seasons final, we see Anthony and Kate enjoying married life, with both of their families getting along.

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