Who does Colin Bridgerton Marry- Bridgerton is the show that everyone is talking about at the moment. Colin Bridgerton is the third eldest Bridgerton sibling.

Colin Bridgerton used to disarm his fellow society members with good-natured jokes.  Colin takes a liking to the newest young lady in town.

Who does Colin Bridgerton Marry

Colin Bridgerton marries no one in Bridgerton Season 2 and pushes away the person who cares for him the most. Colin’s character is played by Luke Newton.

Colin found a romantic interest in Marina Thompson and planned to be married. He was quite friendly towards Penelope Featherington.

After returning from aborad, Penelope believes that Colin may have grown some feelings for her as the pair have such a strong bond during Season 2.

However, Penelope was spying on Colin and his friends who are discussing if Colin would ever court her. Penelope is heartbroken by this and fans will have to wait and see what becomes of her friendship with Colin in Season 3.

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