What My Bones Know Parents Guide and Age rating | 2022
What My Bones Know Parents Guide and Age rating | 2022

What My Bones Know Parents Guide

What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma is an Autobiography of Stephanie Foo. This is one of the most anticipated books of 2022. 

What My Bones Know, tell us the story of Stephanie Foo, a story of strength, fights, resilience. she never gave up, she fought hard to find herself in this world and to finally be able to feel safe and understand what was happening to her and why all this happened in the first place.

Book Name What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma
Author Stephanie Foo
Genre Autobiography
Language English
No. of Page 352
Date of Publication February 22nd, 2022
Publisher Ballantine Books
Available on Amazon

Stephanie Foo had a very traumatic childhood, her parents abandoned her when she was just a teenager, after years of physical and verbal abuse, Stephanie thought this was “normal” she started failing school and getting in so much trouble like any teenager whose parents are not around, she didn’t have an easy childhood, lost many things during the process, failing grades and lost many friendships, but she also forges herself to be stronger and continue fighting for her life.

What My Bones Know Age Rating

Ageratingjuju will suggest age rating 10+ for What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma childhood it may be complex to understand the facts for the readers below the age of 10. This book deals with physical, verbal, and psychological abuse.

What My Bones Know Parents Guide

  • It is an enlightening as well as educational read about the effects of psychological and physical abuse sustained in childhood.
  • Stephanie Foo’s childhood was terrible with abusive parents who basically abandoned her. 
  • She was diagnosed with complex PTSD, the result of years of trauma from abusive parents who ultimately abandoned her as a teenager.
  • Despite her efforts to move on, her C-PTSD diagnosis showed Foo how her trauma would continue to haunt her life and relationships. 
  • Stephanie Foo’s strive to heal is inspiring and the details are useful to everyone who is trying to become a better person.
  •  This book is for anyone who has suffered from trauma, as well as anyone who wants to learn how to better support the people in their lives who need their love the most.

What My Bones Know Official Storyline

“Every cell in my body is filled with the code of generations of trauma, of death, of birth, of migration, of history that I cannot understand. . . . I want to have words for what my bones know.”

By age thirty, Stephanie Foo was successful on paper: She had her dream job as an award-winning radio producer at This American Life and a loving boyfriend. But behind her office door, she was having panic attacks and sobbing at her desk every morning. After years of questioning what was wrong with herself, she was diagnosed with complex PTSD–a condition that occurs when trauma happens continuously, over the course of years.

Both of Foo’s parents abandoned her when she was a teenager, after years of physical and verbal abuse and neglect. She thought she’d moved on, but her new diagnosis illuminated the way her past continued to threaten her health, relationships, and career. She found limited resources to help her, so Foo set out to heal herself, and to map her experiences onto the scarce literature about C-PTSD.

In this deeply personal and thoroughly researched account, Foo interviews scientists and psychologists and tries a variety of innovative therapies. She returns to her hometown of San Jose, California, to investigate the effects of immigrant trauma on the community, and she uncovers family secrets in the country of her birth, Malaysia, to learn how trauma can be inherited through generations. Ultimately, she discovers that you don’t move on from trauma–but you can learn to move with it.

Powerful, enlightening, and hopeful, What My Bones Know is a brave narrative that reckons with the hold of the past over the present, the mind over the body–and examines one woman’s ability to reclaim agency from her trauma.

Official Website: What My Bones Know

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