Welcome to plathville Parents Guide | Age Rating Series (2019-2021)
Welcome to plathville Parents Guide | Age Rating Series (2019-2021)


Welcome to Plathville Parents Guide

Welcome to Plathville, A Reality-TV Show, Directed by Deborah Ridpath.

Executive Producer by Frank Sinton, Arthur Smith, Deborah Ridpath. Production company:  A. Smith & Co. Productions.

Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by TLC. Read more about the TV Series, Welcome to Plathville age Rating, and parents guide for kids.

Welcome to Plathville Age Rating

Welcome to Plathville age rating is TV-PG

TV-PG -This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Parental guidance is recommended.

Welcome to Plathville Parents Guide

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No sexual references and Nudity in the series.
Story of a family who lives in a farmhouse and they have 9 children.
Some family arguments seeing but nothing else serious
None of the characters seeing to having alcohol.
Reality TV- Series, There is nothing Scripted in the series.


Welcome to Plathville Season 3 Release Date

The series, Welcome to Plathville (Season 3) is set to premiere on 24 August 2021.

Official Poster and Details

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Welcome to plathville Parents Guide | Age Rating Series (2019-2021)
Welcome to plathville Parents Guide | Age Rating Series (2019-2021)



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Series Name Welcome to Plathville
Genre Reality-TV
Age Rating  TV-PG
Directed by  Deborah Ridpath
Seasons 2
Episodes 16
Distributed by  A. Smith & Co. Productions
Official website TLC 

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Welcome to Plathville Plot

The nine yellowish haired children in the Plath family have never had a pop, don’t have a clue who Spiderman or Tom Brady is, and have never sat in front of the TV, living distantly in country Georgia with their “adhere to their own principles” guardians Kim and Barry Plath. Recorded in Georgia

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EP. 1  A couple with nine kids from country Georgia is going to encounter some life changes.

EP. 2 To keep away from more strain in the family, Kim permits Moriah to go to San Francisco with Olivia. In any case, from the second they land, Moriah rapidly understands she’s far from south Georgia

EP. 3 Barry and Kim pass on the homestead for a night to commend their commemoration, placing Micah and Lydia in control. They simply have one standard: Ethan and Olivia aren’t permitted to visit the homestead while they’re away. The Plath kids gathering and some excluded visitors join.

EP. 4 After the solicitation for Isaac to join the band is denied by Barry and Kim, the family partition develops. Kim and Barry attempt to do harm control by broadening a huge and astonishing peace offering to Ethan and Olivia. Moriah shares her longing to head off to college.

EP. 5 Kim takes Moriah on her first school visit. Micah almost endangers his vocation as a model before it even starts. Ethan and Olivia plan a trip for the family for certain amazements in-store including news from Moriah that leaves Kim and Barry stunned.

EP. 6 Individuals from the Plathville family talk about how their own encounters molded the qualities, convictions, and goals they have today


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EP. 1 The Plath family manages the aftermath of some significant ongoing changes. They left the ranch and moved into town, Micah and Moriah escaped the home, and Ethan and Olivia cut binds with Kim and Barry.

EP .2 Micah reconnected with model-companion Helena to do a fairly tasteless displaying photoshoot. Moriah went out on the town for the absolute first time, while Lydia lets the cat out of the bag about her mysterious pound. Barry and Isaac have a “sexual intimacy” discussion.

EP .3 Ethan is left dumbfounded get-togethers gets a body puncturing. Ethan and Olivia have Micah and Moriah for their first historically speaking Independence Day. Kim, Barry, and the children head back to the ranch to invite guests from down under.

EP.4  Ethan and Olivia understand that they need to move farther away from Kim and Barry to save their marriage and mental soundness. Moriah’s relationship with Max is at risk, and Micah faces monetary pressure after he wrecks his vehicle just before a hot date

EP .5 Moriah concludes that it’s an ideal opportunity to stay faithful to her obligation to Max, and she acquaints him with her family. Ethan and Olivia keep on patching their marriage, however, Olivia is squashed when she hears some baffling news. Barry joins Micah and Isaac for a young men’s day.

EP .6 Ethan and Olivia plan to get couples tattoos, however, Ethan isn’t sure he’s prepared. Kim and Barry miss their child Joshua and desire to overcome any barrier with the more established children. Max and Moriah hang out as “just companions” yet can’t deny their affections for one another

EP .7 Lydia trusts Kim about her mysterious pulverize. Ethan flies off to Los Angeles to get together with Olivia for a genuinely necessary excursion away from Cairo, Georgia. Then, at that point, Lydia is in for certain shocks when she joins Moriah for a young ladies evening.

EP .8 Ethan and Olivia proceed with their California experience and veer into an unforeseen tantric encounter. Kim, Barry, Micah, Moriah, and the more youthful youngsters join for a delicate recognition of their late child and sibling, Joshua.

EP. 9 After an extensive stretch of no contact, Ethan chooses to defy his folks. Kim makes a surprising admission that leaves Moriah confused. Micah signs a displaying contract while Moriah records music in a studio.


Welcome to Plathville Season 3

A third season would probably zero in on Ethan and Olivia’s life all alone, with the chance of moving alluded to in the finale. Concerning different kin, Micah is starting his displaying profession, and Moriah is attempting to sort out how she needs to manage her life, regardless of whether it be singing, acting, or something different altogether. Presently isolated from their more established kin, the children left at home with Kim and Barry have a ton to work through too.

Isaac specifies an interest in going into the Air Force in season 2, possibly tracking down his own specific manner to split away from the family, while Lydia keeps on battling with the family’s parted. Kim and Barry appear improbable to apologize for their activities at any point shortly

Welcome to Plathville Wallpaper and Images

Welcome to plathville Parents Guide | Age Rating Series (2019-2021)
Welcome to plathville Parents Guide | Age Rating Series (2019-2021)

Welcome to Plathville Official Trailor 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T382pUd8WQ4]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PVv3H967FY]

Welcome to Plathville Runtime

TV Series Welcome to Plathville, with a total of 15 episodes from 2 seasons. Each episode takes 42 minutes.

Welcome to Plathville voice-Cast

The TV Series casting includes,

  • Barry Plath
  • Ethan Plath
  • Isaac Plath
  • Kim Plath
  • Lydia Plath
  • Mercy Plath
  • Micah Plath
  • Moriah Plath
  • Olivia Plath
  • Amber Plath
  • Cassia Plath
  • Helena Parrish Eilersen
  • Max Kallschmidt
  • Marsha Dol

Welcome to Plathville Age Rating and​ Welcome to Plathville Parents Guide

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